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Bendigo Concreting Contractor

Bendigo Concreting Contractor

    Australian Construction upgrades your driveway or other entertainment spaces on your property. Furthermore, we are affordable and trustworthy. Our concreting contractor in Bendigo is skilled and knowledgeable.  For this reason, we lay down exposed aggregate concrete expertly. 

    In addition, we can change your outdoor areas, particularly your driveway. As a result, our area becomes more stylish for your family and guests. Our concreting services aim to offer visually attractive pathways and driveways. In addition, our services are durable and last a decade. To attain this, our qualified and experienced team uses the latest techniques and methods.

    Consequently, the surface is simple to maintain. It also withstands extreme weather conditions. Additionally, when we work on your concreting projects, you have peace of mind. The reason is you are dealing with an experienced and professional team. Given this, we help you in designing and installing different kinds of concrete on your property. It depends on your specifications.

    Exposed aggregate concrete

    In exposed aggregate concrete, our team removes the concrete’s thin top layer. In consequence, the mixture’s gravel and sand remain exposed. However, at times we add other materials into the mix. For instance, we include quartzite and glass. The gravel size helps in creating a unique impact. The landscape’s layout and design determine this. 

    For the best outcomes, we use the appropriate laying technique. As a result, the exposed aggregate becomes uniquely durable. So it is best for driveways, sidewalks and patios. This critical method is maintaining softness on the cement paste’s top layer. Because of this, the concrete below to hardens quickly.

    Mainly our experienced concreting contractor in Bendigo sprays a particular kind of retardant solution on the surface. They do this after laying aggregates and concrete on the ground. After this, we use a garden hose or pressure washer to expose the surface aggregate. Comparatively exposed aggregate produces beautiful and unique finishes than other decorative types of concrete.  More importantly, it is affordable.

    Benefits of exposed aggregate

    Below are some reasons for opting for exposed aggregate:

    • Australian Construction exposed aggregate is affordable. Therefore we only need to utilise minimal materials. For example, materials like surface retardant and sprayer. Furthermore, we use a garden hose for exposing the aggregate concrete.
    • Comparatively exposed aggregate is durable and skid-resistant than other decorative concrete. Additionally, it can sustain harsh weather.
    • Our team mixes and lays exposed aggregate easily. Furthermore, our experienced contractors implement it quickly.
    • In addition, exposed concrete blends well with other decorative concrete. Because of this, it is best for any outdoor surface. 
    • Exposed aggregate concrete needs minimal maintenance. Also, it needs occasional cleaning with water. Besides, it requires resealing gaps after every few years.

    Decorative and stylish decorative concrete

    We offer this concrete for paths, driveways and patios. Australian Construction ranks top among Bendigo regarding concreting services.  Our concreters are highly skilled and professional. In light of this, we handle different kinds of concrete projects. We serve commercial and domestic clients. The concreting contractor in Bendigo has the best equipment and expertise. Due to this, we produce the ideal outcomes depending on your vision and design.

    Our team also repairs discoloured, scaling and cracking concrete. Using our methods and techniques, we revive your old driveway. More this, we restore any concrete surface in your residence. More importantly, our concreters know the ideal concrete mix. As a result, it produces stylish and durable concrete that is durable.


    Do you have a property in Bendigo and wish to upgrade your driveway or patio? In that case, call us now! Australian Construction has a team of expert concreters. Because of this, they know the ideal technique for using stamped concrete. Also, they know what steps to take depending on your property landscape and the design you imagine.

    So talk to our experts today for professional concreting services in Bendigo!