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    Australian Construction is a professional concreting company based in Brisbane and we specialise in polished concrete flooring, concrete driveways and exceptional flooring solutions. Our concreting contractor in Brisbane can meet all your concreting requirements across commercial, residential, industrial and domestic markets.

    Industry experts

    Australian Construction has years of industry experience and knowledge in concreting solutions. Our skilled team is equipped to assist you to acquire the look and style you need from your concreting project. Our concreting contractor in Brisbane has worked with major firms in the construction sector.

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    Licensed concreters

    About us

    Australian Construction is licensed and accredited concreters. You have peace of mind knowing that our able team works to the highest standards at all times to complete your job on budget and on time.

    Polished concrete flooring for office, retail and home spaces

    Polished concrete flooring has gained increasing popularity as a flooring solution in contemporary homes, retail offices and spaces. This is because it is stylish, sophisticated, low maintenance, durable, environmentally sustainable and slip-resistant.

    Polished concrete can be used as a structural surface and as decorative flooring. Australian Construction offers particular placement and finishing methods needed to facilitate a top-notch finished project.

    We are experienced in specialised placement and in sealing polished concrete flooring. Australian Construction is proud to offer its clients a wide range of concrete options to create your remarkable design. From finishes like Husqvarna Hiperfloor, to various concrete colours, aggregate and polished, honed and sealed styles, we can do it all!

    Polished concrete floors for residences

    Polished concrete floors in residences are a favourite option for new constructions and renovations. Polished concrete offers a wonderful choice for homes because it is allergy-friendly, low maintenance and also environmentally friendly. Due to its bright nature, polished concrete also decreases your electricity usage.

    Polished concrete is ideal for kitchen floors as it is easy to maintain. Simply sweep dirt and dust easily using a dust mop and warm water for stubborn stains. Polished concrete is also water-resistant. Spills and splashes will not get absorbed by the product. Due to the sealed surface, mould does not develop, making your kitchen cleaner and healthier.

    Polished concrete floors in commercial establishments

    Commercial polished concrete floors are a popular choice for retailers and office spaces. These floors have a reflective surface that facilitates reduced electricity expense, because the overhead lights bounce from the floor. Like domestic polished concrete flooring, they resists most chips and spills, and can be cleaned and maintained easily. 

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    Commercial concreting services

    We have earned a good reputation over the years in the construction industry because of long-standing relationships with clients and our experience in completing projects.  We have an impressive portfolio and an experienced team, which has delivered commercial concreting works for major companies.

    Our concreting contractor in Brisbane is skilled in providing projects like retaining walls, stencil infill’s, commercial slabs, floor preparation and a wide variety of architectural concrete such as decorative concrete landscaping and polished concrete.

    We also have a completely comprehensive Occupational Health & Safety & Environment Management plan that includes environmental policy, training records, risk assessments and a specific equipment register & maintenance plan.

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    Concrete driveways

    The days when concrete driveways were plain grey are gone; today driveways are decorative and stylish. Our concreting contractor in Brisbane is able to present endless choices with various patterns, colours and aggregate styles. A decorative driveway gives your home an extra wow element and can increase its value. 

    Our Australian Construction team has been providing striking concrete driveways in the Brisbane region for years. We have many various concrete driveway options, and our team caters to all budgets and styles.

    To consult about a decorative driveway option suitable to your home’s style, talk to our skilled team today!

    Cost of concrete driveway

    The price of a concrete driveway varies depending on various factors. However, the guide below will help you to identify the essential details required for Australian Construction to offer you a quote on the cost of your new concrete driveway.

    Please provide us with a copy of your site plan to guide us when working. This will show us where you want us to pour your concrete driveway. Using this data, our team determines the number of square meters of concrete which we will need.

    Other factors affecting the cost of your new driveway will depend upon:

    • Whether you have a sloping and/or existing concrete driveway
    • The kind of concrete driveway that you are wanting- for example, decorative (eg stencilled), exposed aggregate, or coloured
    • Excavation of site, access availability and concrete delivery.

    Talk to our team of professionals who provide you with an estimate for your new concrete driveway. We will also be able to suggest suitable finishes which will help to improve your home’s look.

    Concrete driveway repair

    Most modern homes have concrete driveways. Over time the concrete driveway may experience scaling, cracking or discolouration. This can result from incorrectly compacted subgrade, weather conditions, poor placement processes and inferior quality of the initial product.

    Our concreting contractor in Brisbane will be able to provide you with several options for repairing and restoring your concrete driveway to its former glory, or even to a better condition than it was before!

    Minor upgrades such as concrete recolouring and resurfacing, as well as concrete engraving, can go a long way in improving the overall look and feel of your driveway.


    The team here at Australian Construction will keep you informed about your project’s progress every step of the way. Our concreting contractor in Brisbane is proud of its reputation of providing high quality concreting services to its residential and corporate clients. Whether you need exposed aggregate concrete, decorative concrete or patterned and stencil concrete, just ask and we will deliver!

    We look forward to meeting your concreting requirements. Call us today!