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Bunbury Concreting Contractor

Bunbury Concreting Contractor

    At Australian Construction we are experts in concrete services. We handle all elements of concreting works. For example, our concreting contractor in Bunbury conducts formwork and excavations. In addition, we undertake concreting and steeling. Our competent team strives to offer superior quality services to our clients. 

    More importantly, we use top quality materials for our concrete base. For this reason, our products are durable. We use the best form workers. In addition, our concrete finishers and steel fixers are ideal. Moreover, we use heavy machinery and batching plants. Besides, we utilise concrete pumps to complete the job. The concreting contractor in Bunbury has vast experience in providing a challenging and intricate work such as:

    • Bridges
    • Retaining walls
    • Lift shafts and staircases
    • Exposed aggregate
    • Shotcreting

    Our team is highly trained and experienced. We offer kerbing, concreting and retaining walls services. Because of our quality work we have a strong reputation for providing reliable results. 

    Our services 

    Australian Construction provides the services for civil construction. Additionally, we handle all sized industrial and commercial projects. These services include:

    • Formwork
    • We create tilt-up concrete panels offsite and onsite
    • Ride-on trowelling
    • Truss screeding
    • Laser screeding
    • Concrete placement & finishing

    We have industry experience. Besides we have the newest equipment. Because of this, we can provide various commercial concrete services. Throughout the procedure, we use open communication. In view of this, we keep you posted on all elements of your project’s progress. Therefore it ensures that our work meets your needs. Furthermore, our team of commercial concreters is friendly. Besides, they deliver on time and within budget. Because of this, we are reputed for our concrete repair and construction work. 

    Concrete flooring

    Do you want the ideal commercial concrete flooring in Bunbury? In that case, do not worry since we offer outstanding concrete floor finishes. You have peace of mind knowing we are the best regarding concrete floor finishes. We handle any finish or application. It is because we have the best flooring specialists in Bunbury. The concreting contractor in Bunbury provides a contemporary, seamless or bespoke floor finish. Furthermore, we can meet your requirements if you want something hardcore.

    Commercial flooring

    Australian Construction specialises in commercial concrete flooring. In other words, we give you a wide variety of concrete floor finishes. In light of this, we handle all commercial and industrial needs with our concrete floor finishes. Our concreting contractor in Bunbury works on different industries and projects. 

    Furthermore, we are specialists in epoxy floor coatings. They are best for commercial projects. Epoxies provide excellent endurance to chemicals. Additionally, they resist bacteria. In addition, they handle spills from different surface contaminants, for example, pollutants like detergents, oil and acidic solutions.

    Warehouses epoxy floor coating

    Our company has a team of highly trained experts. Additionally, they have vast experience in this field. We coat or recoat your warehouse with an epoxy coating or polyutherane. Also, we clean the floor and handle wear and tear. We deal with various impacts as well. Call us today to discuss all your options in this regard.

    Our products

    Our products are primarily decorative. In this light of this, we use them for homes and businesses, and we provide these products for a simple finish. If you wish, we can offer you these products with superior texture. We also provide concrete floor overlays.  At all times, our concreting contractor in Bunbury ensures you have the perfect concrete flooring finish. Given this, we offer you the feel and look you wish for your product. 


    Australian Construction handles big development projects and minor scale repairs. We are trusted in Bunbury for reliable supplies of concreting services. Our products are top quality and durable. It includes tilt up panels and floors. We are specialists in levelling high tolerance slabs for commercial buildings and warehouses. Furthermore, we utilise the newest technology to provide flat floors for your facility. Moreover, we offer laser screeding.

    We look forward to hearing from you about your concreting project in Bunbury.