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Cairns Concreting Contractor

Cairns Concreting Contractor

    Australian Construction is experienced in providing concreting services. Moreover, we offer affordable concreting services to commercial and domestic clients. Additionally, our concreting contractor in Cairns helps with all types of projects. We have years of industry experience. More importantly, we use top-quality equipment.

    Our company works with the best suppliers in the region. Our work ethic is unsurpassed. Therefore, we guarantee our work at your business or residence will impress you.  Our expert team first presents you with a free no-obligation quote. Then, you can email or call us with details about your future project. 

    Our services are not only quick and durable but also effective. The concreting contractor in Cairns handles rocking spalled and loose joints. Additionally, deal with cracked concrete surfaces and flooring. We provide concrete repair services to residential projects. We offer concrete repair and restoration to industrial and commercial projects also. 

    Concrete driveways

    Your driveway is among the first structures a person sees when they visit your property. If you do not have a gate, your driveway is the focus of your property’s entry. For this reason, most homeowners become worried when their driveway indicates visible signs of unattractiveness, wear or cracking. 

    Undertaking a simple renovation of the driveway improves any structure. However, repairing the driveway is mainly expensive. In addition, it takes time and is not always effective. Because of this, most of our customers choose to have a brand new driveway in its place.

    Concrete driveways are extremely durable. Consequently, they last for years without any issues. Also, they are very attractive since they easily match your residence and neighbourhood style. The concreting contractor in Cairns offers standard, stamped, stencilled or coloured concrete. We install them on your commercial or domestic property. It depends on your budget, tastes and preferences. 

    Do you want a more attractive driveway? In that case, we can deliver. In light of this, we offer design ideas. Also, we are glad to integrate your concepts! Our standard driveway project involves excavating the existing site. It ensures the falls and height have the necessary typical standard for concrete laying. Due to this, we carry out laying on the pavement flawlessly. We use a concrete pump and other machines. Eventually, we seal the concrete with the required finish.

    Concrete pavers  

    Concrete paving has become popular in recent years. Because of this, concrete pavers are famous for outdoor floorings like:

    For concrete structure creation at your business or home, call Australian Construction. After all, we have great experience in constructing such structures. As a result, our clients are impressed with our work quality.

    Concrete paving is not only lovely but is available in various patterns. Moreover, we have different formats, textures and colours. The concreting contractor in Cairns has limitless options for customisation. Because of this, we help you design the ideal aesthetic and ambience. We apply these services at the back or the front of your home’s outdoor areas. 

    Furthermore, these paved areas are helpful to businesses. These are businesses that wish to establish clients’ outdoor standing or seating areas. Do you want to start on a concrete walkway, patio or driveway? Or perhaps you want to implement a concrete pool surround or similar project at your business or residence. If so, talk to us today.


    Australian Construction provides formwork. In this regard, we ensure our concrete structures adhere to code. Our competent team excavates and pours grade stone, footers and form. They also pour foundations and walls. Additionally, we carry out demolition work and slab prep. More to this, we pour gutters and curbs. 

    Call us today and book an appointment to discuss the best concreting solutions for you!