Professional Concreting Contractor On The Central Coast

Central Coast Concreting Contractor

Central Coast Concreting Contractor

    Australian Construction specialises in pool surrounds, concrete finishes and patios. Additionally, we are specialists in extensions. We also handle concrete driveways, footings, etc. Our concreting contractor on the Central Coast provides an attractive and functional finished product.  Most importantly, we meet your expectations.

    Every project is different. However, some elements of our work are similar. It includes great service, top quality finish and a durable product. Our competent team builds, renovates and rebuilds driveways. Moreover, we demolish damaged and old driveways. 

    We then use strong new ones to replace them. For new driveways, our team ensures they put sufficient concrete. Therefore we deliver quality work. Australian Construction is licensed for all vehicle crossovers and kerbs. In addition, we are certified for footpaths and gutters.

    Residential concreting

    Australian Construction is an expert in concrete slabs and footings. In other words, we handle residential structural concreting projects. Your home may need an additional slab, new slab or suspended slab. Or perhaps you want strip footings for walls or structures. Under these circumstances, we can deliver. 

    In addition, we offer concrete in the pool surroundings of your landscaping steps. The concreting contractor on the Central Coast is efficient and organised. For this reason, you are guaranteed that your project will be seamless. Where multiple trades are concerned, we deliver as well. Our different kinds of concrete include:

    Plain concrete

    Our plain concrete option is an affordable way of embarking on your concrete requirements. The plain concrete we provide is not white, grey or boring. Rather, we can colour it and make it bright. In addition, it matches your surrounding. Alternatively, if you want, we can use a decorative finish to cover it in the future.

    Exposed concrete

    In the exposed concrete finish, we wash off the concrete’s top layer. For this reason, the stone underneath is revealed. If you do not wish us to wash it off, we leave it for some weeks. We then grind off the surface. As a result, we leave a smooth finish revealing the stone below. You can pick from various colours. Moreover, we have rounded or crushed pebble.

    Stamped concrete

    We use large rubber stamps to entrench into the concrete to leave a pattern. The concreting contractor on the Central Coast has different designs. Before putting the stamps on, we apply the colour through the concrete. Alternatively, we rub a thin coating on top. Some days afterwards, we apply two coats of sealer. It consists of non-slip concrete finish. It would be best for you to reseal after every two years.

    Decorative concrete (Covercrete Concrete)

    Our decorative concrete gives you colour and design. As a result, it makes your concrete areas brighter. You can pick from various colours, stencils and patterns. Furthermore, you can choose a plain colour featuring colour dots on top. Our entire decorative work features three coats of sealer. Because of this, the finish is protected. Having a reseal every two years maintains the beauty of your decorative finish.

    Epoxy flooring (Flake flooring)

    The concreting contractor on the Central Coast can change your concrete area. To this end, we use various colours suitable for your environment. If the existing concrete has cracks, we repair them. After this, we clean the floor and apply an epoxy base coat in the small areas. Finally, we apply two layers of epoxy.


    At Australian Construction, we specialise in decorative concrete. We have vast experience in decorative concrete. So you can have peace of mind knowing we will give you new concrete that looks lovely for years. We provide various screeding and finishing methods. Moreover, we use different finishes, colours and textures. For example, we use exposed aggregate. Because of this, your gardens and home look unique.

    Talk to us today about the best concreting services on the Central Coast!