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The Best Concreting Services On The Gold Coast

    Australian Construction is a concreting firm specialising in many concreting projects. These projects include residential driveways and patios, concrete slabs, pool surrounds and footpaths. Our concreting contractor on the Gold Coast services and installs concrete wherever it is needed.

    We value all of our clients- whether they seek our services for large commercial projects or even small-scale residential work.  No job is too small for our Gold Coast team.

    Here at Australian Construction, we possess all the necessary skills, labour and machinery required for a concreting job. So we are confident in handling the entire procedure for you all the way through from start to finish. 

    All you need to do is to call our expert team. We will work with you to plan and execute your next concreting project in accordance with your specific requirements.

    Our concreting contractor on the Gold Coast also handles coloured concrete as well as concrete stamping. We can assist you to design the ideal decorative footpath which will enhance and complement your garden’s appearance.

    Our specialist Gold Coast team completes our entire concreting work in accordance with Australian Standards. Therefore you can be rest assured that the work is of the best quality.

    Coloured concrete

    Concrete is often considered to be grey in colour and dull looking. This is the standard look that is found within building structures and on street footpaths. This plain grey is concrete’s natural colour- but adding colour is indeed possible! 

    Our specialised concreting contractor on the Gold Coast uses a stain to add colour to the concrete mix. This can give you the desired look that you are after.

    Concrete is an affordable and extremely durable material and is best used in outdoor spaces.  At Australian Construction, we provide a variety of colour solutions, offering you the choice between a subtle or bold look.

    Whatever design you have in mind- such as contemporary, modern or minimalist, Australian Construction offers you options. To achieve variation in your preferred design, we can even blend coloured with stamped concrete. 

    This variation adds patterns and texture to your colour selection. To achieve a darker look, our Gold Coast team suggests applying a colour sealer to the finished product.

    Benefits of coloured concrete

    Concrete enhances your home’s beauty

    Australian Construction can use concrete to make your home more visually appealing, and to add value to it.  We can use colour finishes to any outdoor design to create your desired look- for instance, to create a Mediterranean or ‘beach’ look.  

    Stand out, blend or colour match

    Please take advantage of the variety available in our colour selection for your concreting job. Adding colour to your concrete driveway, footpath or patio area can enhance the beauty of your surrounds. We can blend your concrete and man-made structures, such as doors, fences and brickwork, with the nearby landscape.

    Our concreting contractor on the Gold Coast can help you achieve the look you want. For example we can use a different colour scheme on your concrete driveway to make it stand out in the neighbourhood. 

    We have the expertise to enhance your plain footpaths, concrete driveway or patio areas by using a professional colour coat. 

    Simple to maintain

    Concrete is waterproof, slip resistant and very durable. It is also easy to maintain.   Simply sweep or hose it down. Soiled concrete can be cleaned by our Gold Coast team, using our high water pressure machines. Maintain your residence’s beauty by allowing our expert team to remove ugly stains on concrete surfaces like footpaths and driveways.

    Plain concrete

    The professionals here at Australian Construction are also able to undertake minor concreting works for you, such as plain concreting. Plain concrete is concrete that does not contain extra strengthening materials.

    As concrete is a versatile material, it can be used in many different ways. It can be incorporated it into huge structures and infrastructure- helping to strengthen and bind these. It can also be used on minor works such as on footpaths in residential gardens.

    Australian Construction has all of the equipment required to handle your concreting job- whether large or small. We do it all, from start to finish.  For instance, we use our Kanga machine when necessary for smaller excavations prior to laying concrete foundations.

    Australian Construction carries out concreting work that does not need CCTV pipe inspections or building approvals. Our expert concreting contractor on the Gold Coast pours concrete to a 100ml thickness. This usually sets within 24 to 48 hours, depending upon the weather. Instead of drying, concrete cures.

    Please do consult us before you walk on your freshly laid concrete.

    Details of plain concrete

    Concrete is composed of an aggregate material like granite or sand, which is combined with water and cement. Cement is manufactured using a range of compounds, like aluminium, silicon, iron and calcium. These form a chemical blend that responds to water in a hydration procedure that hardens the mixture. We use plain concrete for almost all concreting applications.


    Concrete your home’s driveway to make it more valuable. Dirt and gravel can harm your vehicle and become risky and dangerous during wet weather.  Concreting your driveway will add an element of safety to this area.


    A concrete footpath makes your garden neat. It is also practical in helping people who walk on your property, to form a ‘natural’ path across your garden.  Our expert Gold Coast team can do this for you in accordance with your requirements.

    Concrete slabs

    At Australian Construction, we use our Kanga machine for jobs such as laying concrete foundations for backyard sheds. The Kanga carries out the required small excavations. It assists with preparing the concrete, arranging for delivery, and pouring.

    For any minor residential concreting job on the Gold Coast, call us and our team will be happy to help!

    Concrete sealing

    Concrete is porous so it is advisable to apply a sealer to protect it and maintain its good condition. This provides protection from surface harm such as staining and corrosion. Our qualified team blocks the pores with professional concrete sealer. This prevents the entry and absorption of elements such as salt and water.

    Concrete sealing significantly changes the concrete’s appearance when we use a colour or tint over the clear base sealer. Within 48 hours, most concrete sealing is sufficiently dry for regular use. 

    The sealing process makes it easier for you to clean and maintain your concrete.  Concrete requires sealing every 18 to 24 months.  Our Gold Coast team can handle small home concreting projects including expertly sealing new concrete and resealing existing concrete.


    Australian Construction has helped clients on the Gold Coast with all of their concreting requirements. Our team is knowledgeable, professional and friendly.  The work we deliver is timely and of top standards. 

    Our experienced team performs concrete sealing of concrete driveways, concrete patios, concrete footpaths and concrete outdoor pool spaces. We handle all kinds of minor residential concreting tasks on the Gold Coast.

    Talk to our Gold Coast team now for sealing & resealing existing concrete and new concreting works!