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Concreting Contractor Launceston

Concreting Contractor Launceston

    At Australian Construction, we have supplied concrete for years. We are proud of the quality of finish and reliability we implement in all our jobs. Furthermore, we handle all sized projects. Our concreting contractor in Launceston has vast experience as a concrete specialist. Because of this, you can depend on us to deliver the ideal project. Also, despite the job complexity, we can provide.

    We work with commercial and domestic clients. More specifically, our company covers the Launceston area and its surroundings. We have a wide range of services. For example, we replace concrete flooring and build retaining walls. Also, we handle exposed aggregate and spray paving. Moreover, we offer concrete resurfacing and polymer flooring. Not only are we fully insured but also fully licensed. Whatever your needs, we can help. We provide internal flooring, build new driveways or provide interior flooring. Besides, we support major construction projects.

    Retaining walls

    At Australian Construction, we are professionals in retaining walls design and construction. We can supply anything you want. It includes:

    • Completely engineered masonry retaining walls (core filled)
    • Dry stacked wall
    • Sleeper walls

    Additionally, we design and build sleeper and garden walls if needed. For years we have provided retaining wall designs. We are also vastly experienced in construction services. Furthermore, our team has vast knowledge in concrete and building sectors. You are at peace because you are in capable hands. As a result, the outcomes of your retaining wall project will delight you.

    The concreting contractor in Launceston handles all jobs from start to finish. In addition, our experienced and friendly staff is available to give you advice. They discuss the available options and complete the necessary excavation work. We have various selections and designs. Therefore you will get something that meets your budget. For example, we have retaining walls for your residence or business. 

    Top-quality spray paving

    Do you want something more personalised and unique for your home or business premises flooring? In that case, our spray paving services are ideal. Maybe you would like us to install a new floor. Or perhaps you wish to restore an existing flooring installation. Under these circumstances, spray paving is the best answer. Our spray paving options are endless. So we can enhance your unique taste and style to the outcome. Besides, we include monograms and logos in the design if needed.

    Spray paving (non-slip)

    We specifically design the Australian Construction non-slip paving to form an innovative finish on existing concrete surfaces. Our team uses spray-on resurface coatings to connect firmly to existing appropriate concrete surfaces. Because of this, it creates a textured and slip-resistant surface. Moreover, it creates a decorative surface for wet and dry areas.


    Our resurfacing services change the look and feel of your existing walkway or veranda. Also, it alters the appearance of your current driveway or patio. Spray-on paving enables us to tailor your look. In this regard, we create stunning unique designs. It includes monograms or logos if you want. You can select from various modern patterns and colours. Consequently, we create the look you desire. Additionally, we restore your existing concrete.

    Polymer flooring services

    With time your existing flooring at your work premises and your home starts to decay and crack. It is natural with concrete floors. However, consider our polymer flooring before getting an entirely new floor. It is an ideal method of correcting uneven floors and repairing cracks. As a result, things look new once more.


    The concreting contractor in Launceston handles all concreting needs. More importantly, we are well equipped with earthmoving and excavator equipment. In light of this, we prepare the site and demolish old structures. Finally, we resurface using all types of concrete. In addition, we provide asphalt resurfacing and any retaining walls requirements. Please work with us to save costs and likely stress. 

    We look forward to hearing from you today for all your concreting solutions!