Searching For A Reliable And Trusted Concreting Contractor In Newcastle?


Benefits of Professional Concreting In Newcastle

    Australian Construction provides a range of professional concreting services to the commercial and residential sectors. Our concreting contractor in Newcastle helps homeowners to improve and add value to their properties with a remarkable new concrete outdoor area, such as a footpath, patio or driveway. Our Newcastle Team are concrete slab experts.

    We can give you the home extension you have always desired!

    Concrete is appealing and durable and is a popular selection for commercial operators and businesses. Our Newcastle team has completed numerous projects like stairwells, ramps, car parks, resurfacing, and foundations work. We have provided these services to schools, offices, retailers, council buildings and factories throughout Newcastle.

    In Newcastle, we are among the city’s most affordable and experienced decorative concrete specialists. Decorative finishes are gaining popularity as they make outdoor areas look clean and modern. Our concreting contractor in Newcastle is experienced in various techniques like stencilling, exposed aggregate, patterned concrete and coloured concrete.

    Our client base is big; covering all kinds of industrial and commercial construction maintenance and installation like building works, shop fit-outs, domestic works and shopping centre works. 

    Concrete flooring services

    Australian Construction provides numerous concrete flooring services that enhance your concrete floor’s integrity, ensuring that they remain durable. We have a team of educated concrete contractors who cangive you their expert opinion on the ideal design, installation and finish for your concrete floor.

    We have years of experience in the industry and our extensive client portfolio is a testament to this.

    Steps for concrete flooring

    Our concrete-flooring contractors operate under our main company, Australian Construction. For further information please visit our site, and perform a pre-pour ground review. After our professional team performs the groundwork, they use a surveyors level construction laser to examine the ground consistency to ensure that all depths and levels follow the engineer’s requirements.

    Armoured joints

    Armoured joints are referred to as ‘level in place formwork’. Our concreting contractor in Townsville uses this procedure to set up a strong boundary during the concrete pouring process; This provides various benefits. Our skilled team uses armoured joints to decrease the risk of the concrete slab experiencing cracks and prevents damage after you use the concrete floor.

    This system allows our team to quickly cast flat industrial floors in facilities like factories, warehouses, depots, logistics centres and agricultural structures. The armoured joints system follows the TR 34 4th edition and offers unique rates of load transfer.

    Fixing steel and preparation

    Australian Construction uses its in-house steel fixers to perform all the essential setting-up before pouring. Our expert team uses various materials to meet the current concrete flooring project requirements, such as mesh reinforcement and metal decking to our steel fibre pin machine. It adds pins to the plant’s concrete lorries.

    Concrete finishing services

    Our floor installation team is well conversant in completing big and small concrete pours, on budget and on time. We prioritise safety and quality, and all our concrete contractors are certified and qualified first aiders.

    Our concreting contractor in Newcastle uses sophisticated machinery like vibrating tools, lasers, ride on power floats and advanced laser screen to get top quality concrete finishing outcomes.

    The preparation team completes their work the day before; so, all our concrete finishing team needs to do is verify the data with the site’s management and start pouring the concrete floor, making it ready for quality concrete finishing.


    At Australian Construction, we have an experienced saw cutting team. They expertly cut the floor slabs after completing the finishing and curing using a curing agent. The saw cutting team works with our office logistics team, collecting all the crucial drawings and data for the flooring work being carried out.

    We perform most of our saw cuts on a 6m section. However, it is the engineer and client’s decision. Our concreting contractor in Newcastle uses its expert saw team to cut the existing floor slabs, which are not being used any more, that need refurbishing.

    Types of concrete cutting

    It can be complicated to install concrete, and remodelling an existing structure requires disturbing strong concrete or electrical services. At Australian Construction, we remove whole blocks to identify services that may cause problems and manage service removal.

    We handle the following types of concrete cutting:

    • Core drilling
    • Ring sawing
    • Wall sawing
    • Slab sawing

    From removing whole blocks to grooving slabs, our concreting contractor in Newcastle has the skills and equipment to deliver according to your specific needs. We utilise specialised diamond cutting machinery to carry out structural modifications or changes, such as doorways and room openings.

    Concrete cutting costs

    Every job is different, and the Australian Construction team is proud of their customised approach for every project. We consider carefully the factors and equipment needed for every project. Our team carries out site inspections and can offer you a free quotes. You have peace of mind knowing that we will do the job correctly and adhere to the budget.

    Concrete drilling, cutting and coring services

    Our concreting contractor in Newcastle provides concrete drilling, cutting and coring services for residential and commercial properties in Newcastle. We have all the correct tools and equipment to finish any job, whatever the size. Our experienced team of concrete experts are fully insured and licensed, so you do not need to be concerned!

    Concrete core drilling 

    Australian Construction uses concrete core drilling to drill perfect, circular holes through ceilings, floors and walls for electrical or plumbing works.

    Depending on the project scale, our concrete cutting professionals use either a hand drill or mounted rig to form clean and smooth holes.


    Australian Construction uses its high-tech machinery and technology to get the concrete specification and concrete finish our clients need any time. We employ a wide variety of concrete finishing methods to get the ideal outcome for you, such as power floating, to give you a highly polished concrete floor.

    We work 24/7 using our skilled and experienced concrete operatives, technicians and operators to finish projects on time. Our Newcastle team can finish projects efficiently to give you satisfactory results.

    We will be happy to share our concreting expertise with you, so please make sure you call us today!