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    At Australian Construction, we provide reliable, affordable and honest concreting services in Perth. If you find it hard to get a concreting contractor in Perth who can deliver quality work, do not worry. Call our experienced and trustworthy team for all of your concreting projects.

    We are proud to rank among the top firms in the residential and concreting space. Our Team works on small and big projects for different establishments in Perth. We offer remarkable services for all concrete work elements. 

    Australian Construction aims to forge lasting client relationships that will withstand the test of time; your positive experience is our top priority.  Our team guarantees that the work is completed at a quality standard. Every team member is well trained to offer superior concrete works. 

    Professional piling services

    If you are constructing a big superstructure like a high-rise skyscraper or shopping complex, you need more stable foundation support than many other structures.

    Australian Construction uses concrete piles to erect structures with hefty loads or when the soil cannot hold the building’s weight on its own because it is too weak. Our team moves the loads to deeper soil layers using concrete piles to enable them to sustain the weight in such cases.

    Defining construction piles

    Construction piles describe long columns created from a sturdy material (usually steel, concrete and wood). They are inserted inside the ground deeply to work as base support. When compared to footings, piles can sustain a much heavier load. Therefore, our concreting contractor in Perth often uses piles for multi-storey buildings and condos.

    Benefits of construction piles

    Prior to the advance of technology in the construction industry, wood was mainly used as a construction piling material. However, it had many disadvantages. Very straight trees were required and making longer piles was impossible.

    Concrete piles are solid and can handle significantly heavy loads. They are also less susceptible to corrosion than steel piles, making them ideal for corrosive soil areas. These piles are a lot more efficient and affordable than other materials. 

    Australian Construction prefabricates the piles before our skilled team drives them inside the ground or cast-in-situ. The types of piles you require for your structure is determined by the load-bearing needs, budget and soil quality.

    Cast-in-place concrete piles

    We refer to cast-in-place concrete piles as ‘cast-in-situ’ and using this method, our team casts concrete piles straight inside the ground during construction. First, they hammer steel tube casings that act as the concrete’s mould inside the ground. After removing the soil, the concreting contractor in Perth places reinforcement. They then pour the concrete inside the tube and let it dry.

    Precast concrete piles

    The concreting contractor creates these kinds of piles, before their qualified team drives it inside the ground by hammering. This saves money and time since prefabrication takes place before construction. 

    Australian Construction builds them to sustain very cumbersome loads, and we provide them in various lengths. If you are on a budget, they present an economical choice.

    Australian Construction has many years of experience in concrete piling. Rest assured that we design our piles carefully to ensure that your building is supported appropriately without any material going to waste. Our qualified team is updated on the latest concrete piling techniques and technologies. When incorporated into new projects, this saves you money and time during construction.

    Residential & domestic concreters

    Remodel and rejuvenate your home today. Australian Construction can assist you with all your domestic and residential concreting needs. Our able team is completely hands-on at every stage of the procedure, from consulting, design, and beyond.

    We treasure your home as much as you do. Therefore, we are dedicated to giving you the best possible service. You need not worry about quality, because our expert team follows stringent Australian safety codes & regulations.

    Our certified and experienced team can work on any project, small or big. Concrete is a wonderful method of adding value to your home. It adds style, comfort and convenience to your home. It is a remarkably flexible material, and we provide it in a range of finishes and colours.

    This material promises to complement your home, whether it is a traditional residence or a contemporary living area.

    Concrete also enhances form and function. It is strong and durable, yet also sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing. You can select from our various concrete designs to match your tastes and preferences.

    We have vast experience working with various types of decorative concrete like:

    Exposed aggregate

    This style is a trendy style selection for outdoor spaces and driveways. It is low-maintenance, durable and can withstand any type of climate. Aggregate also gives you a cost-effective method of attaining an elegant appearance.

    Coloured or plain concrete

    Plain or grey concrete matches well with various surfaces, both outdoor and indoor. Our concreting contractor in Perth can include some character in your desired surface, and match the décor in your home by adding colour to the concrete.

    Concrete is a simple but fantastic method of making your home more attractive and vibrant. 

    Polished concrete

    Get that sophistication and shine with polished concrete. This style is best for indoor use. It provides your home with an air of elegance. The shiny surface is reflective which gives off the appearance of a larger space making your home look bigger and cooler.

    Liquid limestone

    Liquid limestone offers cool comfort and attractive aesthetics and is wonderful for patios, pool decks and pathways. As with all concrete, you can use its natural white colour or request our professional team to colour it, add texture or even a pattern. 

    Australian Construction is proud to give our unsurpassed ability, offering custom concrete solutions for all requirements. We use top-quality materials, and we make your dream of a beautiful home turn into reality. 

    We handle a range of concreting works for your residence like:

    • Concrete foundations
    • Slab floors and garage
    • Home extensions and additions
    • Outdoor patios and porches.
    • Outdoor kitchens and entertainment spaces
    • Pool decks and nearby areas


    Australian Construction provides brilliant artistry, and our team pays attention to detail. Our concreting contractor in Perth can transform your commercial or residential structures using our unique concreting services. The finished work will bring a smile to your face!

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