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Port Macquarie Concreting Contractor

Port Macquarie Concreting Contractor

    Australian Construction specialises in creating concrete products for our clients. Additionally, we offer concrete furniture and benchtops. Our services are available for commercial and residential properties. Besides, our concreting contractor in Port Macquarie provides general concreting services. For example, we offer solutions like formwork, epoxy floors, decorative concrete and slabs.

    Our team has years of experience in providing concrete services. In addition, we offer various services to our clients. It includes industrial, commercial and residential concreting. We offer vanities and benchtops as well. Our team undertakes any-sized projects. Also, we tailor our services to meet your budget and needs. We are proud to offer brilliant customer service. For this reason, we guarantee you friendly services.

    Concrete services

    The concreting contractor in Port Macquarie provides various concreting services. Our solutions are accessible to businesses and homes. We do pour your latest concrete driveway but also offer slabs, pathways and decorative concrete. Besides we provide various textures and colours also. Our services include:

    • Footpath
    • Floor slab
    • Commercial and domestic concrete work
    • Exposed aggregate
    • Coloured concrete
    • Pathways
    • Driveways¬†
    • Decorative concrete
    • Polished concrete
    • Paving
    • Concreting

    Our concreting services  

    The concreting contractor in Port Macquarie provides lovely concrete pathways. In addition, we offer beautiful concrete floor slabs and driveways. Our concrete services are a durable way of parking your car. Moreover, it enables you to have fun outdoors. More importantly, our concreting solutions match your landscaping. Our skilled team adds a concrete patio outside, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air. Also, you can barbecue your favourite meals here.

    Besides, we give you flooring for your new garage. As a result, you get more storage area. Moreover, you acquire a covered space for your cars and gardening supplies. We have endless possibilities! The concreting contractor in Port Macquarie uses pre-mixed concrete made in Australia. Furthermore, it consists of the best aggregates. 

    Therefore you are guaranteed of having a lovely and durable driveway. Additionally, we offer decorative concrete solutions. Finally, we enhance your home or outdoor area with various exposed aggregate colours and textures. 

    Commercial concreting

    At Australian Construction, we have assisted local businesses with all their concreting requirements or years. For example, the concreting contractor in Port Macquarie constructs appealing car parks and driveways. Besides, we create pathways and subdivisions. Our team is fully insured and licensed and hence completes all jobs to top standards.

    We offer commercial concreting for the following:

    • Commercial farms
    • Restaurants
    • Offices
    • School
    • Factories
    • Shops

    We work all over Port Macquarie, and our services are high quality. Our team has the essential skills and equipment to finalise any job. Because of this, we offer complete project management and install drainage solutions. Additionally, we provide concrete repairs. Do you want commercial or residential concrete services? In that case, call our team at Australian Construction today now for a free quote!

    Concrete driveways

    Improve your home

    Begin your next project with a solid concrete foundation, or give your driveway an update! Given this, our skilled team has provided expert concreting for years in Port Macquarie. In addition, we offer the following services.

    • Concrete stencilling
    • Drainage
    • Pathways
    • Shed slabs
    • Crossovers
    • Construct, repair and remodel driveways
    • Concreting or gardens, patios and pool areas
    • Concrete sealing and driveway sealing

    Where maintenance of your driveway is concerned, sealing is beneficial. First, it extends the concrete’s life by applying a coat over it. Second, it protects the driveway from chemicals, moisture and salts. Third, it is an affordable way of surfacing and repairing the existing concrete.


    Call us if you want to discuss our various concrete services. Our experts help you decide what you require and where. Moreover, we advise you on the perfect colours that suit the job. Our professionals visit your premises and measure your space. Finally, they give you an exact quote for the work. 

    Get in touch with us, and we will respond immediately.