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Rockhampton Concreting Contractor

Rockhampton Concreting Contractor

    At Australian Construction, our team consists of builders and designers. In addition, we have installers and engineers. More importantly, they are well trained and highly skilled. All of them specialise in their trade. For example, our concreting contractor in Rockhampton has vast experience in advanced concreting. Our team is approachable and friendly. They excel in their field of expertise. Moreover, they give their maximum attention to each detail.  Because of this their final output always surpasses our customers’ expectations.

    For this reason, it would be best for you to seek experts like Australian Construction for your concreting requirements. Concrete is a popular and affordable option for most homeowners and builders. Concrete is durable. However, if not handled well, it disintegrates quickly. 

    We are experienced and trained in this industry. For this reason, we guarantee this kind of issue will not arise. In addition, we are skilled in advanced concrete treatments. Given this, we promise to make them durable and creative.

    Concrete restoration & repairs

    Our concreting contractor in Rockhampton specialises in all areas of concrete repair. We also undertake concrete coatings for the industrial and commercial markets all over Rockhampton. In addition, we offer full services for:

    • Repairing a concrete structure
    • Concrete removal
    • Waterproofing
    • Durable concrete coating

    Our team has vast experience and knowledge. For this reason, we ensure we complete our projects on time. In addition, we deliver to an optimal quality standard. Furthermore, all the projects we undertake are fully insured and licensed. Also, we are CM3 compliant. Given this, we have a strong compliance culture. We emphasise on licenses, OH&S, insurance and workers.

    Concrete services

    Australian Construction offers a full variety of concrete preparation services. It includes:

    • Removing old flooring
    • Concrete grooving
    • Safety grooving
    • Concrete shot blasting
    • Removing glue from concrete floors
    • Concrete crack injection
    • Scarifying
    • Concrete patching
    • Uneven floors and high spots

    We offer various concrete coatings like:

    • Epoxy coatings
    • Anti-graffiti coatings
    • Concrete protective coatings
    • General surface coatings
    • Structural concrete repairs

    We specialise in handling restoration and repair of concrete surfaces. Consequently, we transform any concrete surface.  As a result, the surface not only becomes visually attractive but also has a structurally sound condition. The concreting contractor in Rockhampton provides the concrete repair solutions below:

    • Concrete crack injection
    • Joint sealants
    • Concrete sealing
    • Repairing cracks
    • Concrete patching

    The Australian Construction has specialised applicators. Given this, they repair and rejuvenate concrete structures like:

    • Car parks
    • Factories
    • Reservoirs
    • Balconies
    • Bridges and culverts
    • Buildings

    Industrial & commercial coatings

    Our concreting contractor in Rockhampton provides various durable and attractive concrete coatings.  For instance:

    • Concrete protective coatings
    • Anti-graffiti coatings
    • General surface coatings
    • Epoxy coatings

    Similarly, we provide services to major firms. In light of this, we offer coating applications in factories, car parks, bars and kitchens. In addition, we service office buildings and retail outlets.

    Commercial concrete services

    We have delivered many commercial concreting projects successfully. Our services are available to clients all over Rockhampton and the nearby areas. For retail shops, office spaces and other commercial properties we offer an economical product. Also, these products are spill-resistant, highly durable and low maintenance. In addition, we offer a comprehensive variety of decorative concrete finishes. 

    For example, we provide exposed, polished and coloured aggregate. Polished concrete presents a famous option for retail premises. More so, it is scratch-resistant. Additionally, it has reflective properties and hence highlights the display items in vibrant light. Not to mention, this product looks attractive to your staff and clients.


    Do you want a new driveway? In that case, Australian Construction lays various residential applications. It includes house foundations, walkways, shed slabs and more. In addition, we provide full commercial concrete services. Because of this, we offer suspended footpaths and concrete to tilt panels, walls and slabs. Besides, our services are very affordable and reliable.

    Talk to us today about the ideal concreting services in Rockhampton.