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Sunshine Coast Concreting Contractor

Sunshine Coast Concreting Contractor

    Australian Construction offers top-quality concreting services on the Sunshine Coast. Our concreting contractor on the Sunshine Coast has vast experience. Moreover, we have worked with major companies in Australia. Our concreters deliver top standard projects.

    At all times, we ensure our work meets the Building Code of Australian (BCA) rules. Furthermore, we support our service with a top industry guarantee.  Inferior quality materials or shoddy artistry leads to a fault. However, our quality services protect you against this. With us, you are guaranteed we will surpass your expectations.

    Reliable concreting experts

    Stamped concrete

    Stamped (decorative concrete) is concrete imprinted with a texture or pattern before it sets. We have several varied designs. These designs duplicate the appearance of conventional paving bricks or slabs. However, they are more affordable. There are no mortar or joints. Because of this, cleaning and maintaining stamped concrete is easy.

    We mainly use stamped concrete for pool decks. But, additionally, we utilise it for pool decks and patios. Our concreting contractor on Sunshine Coast lays the concrete on site. Because of this, we can integrate unique gradients and shapes. Moreover, we can imprint the concrete with semi-permanent colours. Consequently, it looks like a natural stone.

    Advantages of stamped concrete

    Installing stamped concrete has several benefits. Some are:

    • Affordable to install
    • Cleaning and maintenance is easy
    • Stain-resistant
    • The colour is permanent and does not fade
    • Weed proof.
    • Comparatively, it is 25% firmer than standard concrete.

    Plain concrete

    We lay plain concrete immediately from the mixer before levelling. Moreover, we compact it hence attaining a smooth finish. For this reason, it is affordable and adaptable. It is an ideal solution for footpaths, driveways and patios. If you do not want a decorative look, plain concrete is perfect. 

    Plain concrete offers a simple, affordable solution. But, we can make it livelier by using patterned edgings or brick. We use them to split up the concrete mass. In the end, we attain a more attractive design. Our concreting contractor on the Sunshine Coast supplies and installs various edging solutions. For example, we offer traditional plastic, metal or brick. 

    Benefits of plain concrete

    • Installing plain concrete has the following benefits:
    • Installation is affordable
    • Laying is easy
    • Simple to maintain
    • Unsurpassed strength & can last long in any surrounding

    Plain concrete is flexible. For this reason, we can use it for driveways. Alternatively, we can use it for different structures.

    Commercial concreting

    Australian Construction has undertaken commercial concreting for years. We provide high-quality commercial concretion solutions like:

    • Concrete pouring
    • Concrete polishing
    • Formwork
    • Concrete stencilling
    • Concrete driveways
    • Steel fixing
    • Concrete resurfacing & grinding

    Our team consists of bright and experienced tradespeople.  Due to this, we are capable. Moreover, we have the essential proficiency and expertise to handle any sized project. Also, we undertake challenging tasks. We are proud to facilitate employee safety. Likewise, we maintain an environmentally friendly working area for all our works. The concreting contractor on the Sunshine Coast is highly qualified. Therefore, we promise our clients the best service. Coupled with this, we offer top-quality outcomes. More importantly, our prices are affordable.

    We undertake all elements of concrete supply. For instance: 

    • Floor preparation
    • Footings
    • Retaining walls
    • Footpaths
    • Driveways
    • Foundations
    • Commercial slabs

    Furthermore, we offer a full range of architectural concrete. For instance, we offer polished concrete and decorative concrete landscaping. We supply polished concrete to industrial, commercial and government clients. Also, we offer them to residential and domestic customers.


    Australian Construction only uses top quality materials. You also have peace of mind because qualified professionals are working on your project. We are not only skilled but also perfectionists. To us, unless you are fully satisfied, your concreting project remains incomplete. In addition, we are comprehensively insured and licensed, and we keep time.

    Therefore contact us today to find out the best concreting solutions for you!