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The Finest Concrete Contracting Work In Sydney!

    Australian Construction has been a leading firm in the construction sector for many years. We have have been the number one choice for contractors & construction managers in Sydney. Our solid history in carpentry, engineering and architectural engineering is unsurpassed. Our concreting contractor in Sydney has a skilled team that uses its vast experience, to offer high-quality steel fixing, formwork and concreting. 

    Australian Construction provides labour hire solutions to commercial, civil and residential clients. Hiring our team for your project gives you the guarantee that you are working with a firm which has a proven track record. 

    Our expert concreting contractor in Sydney works closely with you, ensuring that we complete your project safely, successfully and in accordance with industry standards.

    We handle all kinds of projects. From temporary minor contracts to complicated full-structure specialty formwork projects, we do it all! We execute the same level of expertise, affordability and efficiency in all of our work.

    Top-quality commercial concrete flooring finishes

    Do you desire the ideal commercial concrete flooring for your business? Australian Construction offers the best concrete floor finishes in Australia! Where concrete floor finishes are concerned, we assure you that our concreting contractor in Sydney will offer you the best solution for your needs. Our experienced flooring specialists are able to give your floor a contemporary, seamless and bespoke finish.

    We meet all your requirements

    You may want your commercial kitchen to have commercial concrete flooring or polyurethane concrete floor finishes like a fast-curing methyl methacrylate system, or a commercial epoxy floor. Our concreting contractor in Sydney can give your floors a finish to suit your purpose. Our Sydney team can transform your entire space.

    We offer a variety of products and finishes that suit many types of projects. We work closely with the area’s top suppliers to ensure that we provide high quality finishes to suit your requirements.

    Commercial flooring specialists

    Australian Construction are commercial and industrial concrete flooring specialists and we offer a wide variety of flooring services to match. Our concreting contractor in Sydney can provide you with numerous quality options for your concrete floor finishes.

    We work in different industries and projects, and are specialists in epoxy floor coatings that are ideal for commercial projects. Epoxies are exceptionally resistant to chemicals, and they repel bacteria. They also provide protection against various surface spills such as acidic liquids, detergents and oils.

    Warehouse epoxy floor coating

    The Australian Construction team consists of experts who have full training and experience in epoxy floor coating.  If you want us to coat or recoat your warehouse or factory with epoxy coating or polyurethane, our team can successfully do it.

    As part of our service, we also provide guidance on how you can clean your floor easily. We can advise about dealing with wear and tear and various other impacts.

    Call us today to discuss all your options!

    Our products

    Our experienced concreting contractor in Sydney has naturally decorative products that can be used in homes and businesses. We can provide understated finishes. Our team offers flexibility within the project, and we can deliver exceptional flooring products with high calibre texture or concrete floor overlays.

    We always aim to give you the ideal concrete flooring finish to offer you the feel and appearance you desire for your product. Please feel free to visit our website to check samples of our recent work.

    Concrete placement

    At Australian Construction, we offer our unsurpassed reputation and expertise to concrete finishing, concrete placement and different services, including concrete labour-hire and concrete supply.

    Our concreting contractor in Sydney is your complete source supplier, from the beginning of your project to the end. Our placement and finishing team has vast experience, and can work on any project. We carry out minor infill works to more complicated commercial pours.

    Concrete finishing

    The Australian Construction team makes sure that we finish your project correctly. Our crew of labourers and cement masons are highly competent and equipped with the newest equipment.

    Our  dedicated team ensures that safety is a priority on any job to protect our staff and other people close to the project. We handle different concrete finishing tasks and meet your custom specifications and needs.

    Concrete supply

    Australian Construction is the top concrete supplier in the Sydney NSW region. We are available to offer you the necessary materials to finish your project.

    Concrete labour hire

    It can be challenging for you to get skilled labour for your project. We are proud to offer you labour. Our reputation for dependability and quality is unsurpassed. We can provide you with long-term or short-term labour for a vast number of building trades.

    All our staff members comply with the essential employment and immigration rules and alcohol and drug testing, health and safety.  Our team members in our labour pool have been appropriately vetted through a comprehensive procedure that includes phone interviews, application, full compliance review, going through references and a complete on-boarding process. 

    Australian Construction appreciates that having a skilful and reliable trade labour is vital to your business. We work tirelessly, to ensure that the right people are handling your project.

    Concrete placement services

    Australian Construction is a full-service commercial and residential concrete placement firm whose reputation in the industry is impeccable. We provide various concrete building services like poured walls, building slabs, concrete foundations, elevated walls and more. 

    Our team has the awareness and expertise required for residential concrete placement and completes all kinds of concrete construction projects like kerbs and big housing projects. We are proud to offer concrete reinforcement, formwork, paving, retaining walls, etc.

    Formwork contractors

    Australian Construction is happy to be among the first formwork contractors in Sydney. We meet our customers’ needs by ensuring the building and structure completions are up to standard. We provide a wide choice of concrete construction and formwork contractor solutions for all industrial, domestic and commercial areas.

    Our concreting contractor in Sydney offers different types of formwork for concrete slab like curved concrete formwork, stairs concrete formwork and insulated concrete formwork.

    Our different formwork services

    The Sydney team will undertake projects of any size or nature, as we are the best formwork concrete construction firm in Sydney. We provide superior quality formwork for the following structures:

    • Columns
    • Walls
    • Plinths
    • Slabs on the ground and suspended slabs
    • Pits
    • Tanks
    • Ramps
    • Retaining walls
    • Footings and pile caps


    Australian Construction is fully insured and licensed, and we are dedicated and focused on implementing safe work techniques. 

    Call our concreting contractor in Sydney today for concrete labour-hire, concrete supply or concrete placement services.