Qualified Concreting Contractor In Townsville With Many Years Experience


Ensuring The Perfect Concreting Job In Townsville

    When looking for a concreting contractor in Townsville, ensure that you pick one with the essential skills and experience to deliver quality work. At Australian Construction we have what it takes to do the job! 

    The saying ‘A house is only as good as its foundation’ is true. Working with concrete requires a special expertise that a regular carpenter or  ‘handyman’ lacks. It all begins with the forms that hold the concrete in place during the pouring.  

    The team at Australian Construction knows that concrete should be laid with extreme precision. depending on the architect’s plans. If these plans are not followed, all the other procedures to come will go wrong.

    Our experienced concreting contractor in Townsville has the expert knowledge and skill required to handle your concreting project correctly using specialised tools.

    Our services include:

    • Tilt panels
    • Civil works
    • Concrete construction
    • Concrete demolition works
    • Industrial, commercial and residential concreting services
    • Excavation services

    Steps for laying concrete 

    Our experienced concreting contractor in Townsville has a laser level to ensure that its team levels the forms properly and that water runoff on a smooth slab is not an issue. Also, the team ensures that the home’s foundation and footer is not too high.

    Our team uses rebar in all our pours; whether it is a foundation or slab rebar, it is necessary to provide the concrete with something to hold it in place to obtain optimal strength. The smallest thickness is usually ½ inch rebar. For smaller slabs, we use rebar wire, a kind of a metal wash.

    There are also inspections and varied concrete strengths and pouring methods that the concreting contractor based in Townsville carefully plans and adheres to, up to the smallest details.

    Townsville is prone to very hot, then cooling weather, therefore there are specific thickness and tinsel strength levels that the law requires through the Zoning Commission. Slabs should be four inches thick and different strengths, depending on the use.

    The rules protect you, so that you avoid failing a concrete inspection which will require a re-pour. Re-pouring requires using jackhammers to break up the old concrete and starting over. This is an expensive procedure because of the high costs of labour and concrete.

    Pouring the concrete 

    Pouring a concrete foundation for your residence involves many elements in order to do the job properly. At Australian Construction, we consider factors like proper drainage. We usually lay pipes around the house’s footings and then backfill the area using gravel, enabling the water to course away from the foundation.

    When a proper foundation is lacking, your basement will be wet, and in turn, the concrete will break down faster, promoting mildew and mould growth. Therefore, ensure that your concreting contractor is covering all of the essential details.

    Pouring slabs for areas like sidewalks, pool surrounds, skirtings, backyard porches and decks, requires our skilled team to finish the slabs efficiently. To do this, we use our special equipment like power trowels and big aluminium bull floats. It has taken our team experience to use and master these tools.

    Buying these tools is very costly, and most contractors do not own theirs because they lack sufficient concrete work to justify this expense. Look for a properly outfitted firm like Australian Construction. We have the equipment and the skills required to complete your concreting job properly.  

    Our team handles all concreting work efficiently, whether big or small. We have poured footing home additions and also laid slabs for shed placements or small backyard decks. We are also specialists in concrete runways and concrete steps for people who are disabled or in wheelchairs.

    Concrete finishes

    Australian Construction also works with various types of finishes. For areas like a simple backyard decking space, a lovely ‘broom’ finish is usually enough. We make the finish a bit rough to avoid the concrete slab from becoming slippery when damp.

    Alternatively, for a finished basement, you can choose a super glossy flat finish where our team uses a power trowel for finishing the concrete to a level where it shines almost like a mirror!

    We provide another trendy finish with a natural effect, where we expose the stone slightly by washing the topmost concrete using a wet sponge. The outcome is a natural-looking finish that offers a rougher finish for spaces that get wet many times; it is advisable to have traction for walking.

    We even go the extra mile and use dyes to colour the concrete and stamps, to ‘imprint’ or draw a pattern into the concrete. This option takes more time and is more expensive. However, the result is breathtaking. Stamped concrete does not need maintenance, so it is a worthy investment for you.

    Commercial properties

    Our concreting contractor in Townsville handles difficult to reach works like a commercial property that needs many floors. We require a concrete pump for such construction sites to reach the footings’ top, which will hold the concrete firm until it cures and is sufficiently hard to remove the forms.

    Our team works from beginning to end, and because of our many years’ experience and several Townsville clients, we are conversant with all the building codes. We comprehend what the local inspection officers need from us.

    We handle the entire planning and obtain suitable permits, ensuring all the work we do is legal. Australian Construction is a licensed concreting contractor in Townsville, and we have suitable insurance for construction projects in Townsville and its surroundings.

    After we finish the job, we can help you maintain your concrete work by resealing the job every few years. Resealing involves adding a protective coating to your slab, shielding it from the elements.

    These polymers help block out the sun’s UV rays and include a waterproof component to the concrete. On its own, concrete is not waterproof. Resealing is not necessary, but it helps to prolong the work’s life.


    At Australian Construction, we have the most skilled concreting contractors. We use the newest concreting methods, equipment and technology to ensure the topmost quality standards, reliability and efficiency.

    Our concreting contractor in Townsville endeavours to surpass our clients’ expectations by maintaining construction programs. We do not compromise on quality!

    Australian Construction looks forward to hearing from you to demonstrate our  variety of concrete technology, equipment and construction services! Contact us today!