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    Confined Space Rescue Services In Brisbane

    At Australian Construction, we are professionals at managing confined space operations. Our confined space rescue in Brisbane involve the provision of full confined space entry services. It includes standby rescue as well as a supply of breathing apparatus. Moreover, we provide rescue and gas testing equipment.

    Our company has a multi-disciplinary team. Because of this, we are skilled in working in and handling demanding surroundings on-site. These areas present challenges because of conditions like:

    • Hot works,
    • Work at heights
    • Constrictive access works

    Our rescue team is highly trained with paramedical training. Additionally, our team is experienced, skilled and knowledgeable. Because of this, you have peace of mind as they can handle complex rescues in difficult situations. When we are on-site, our objective is to add value.

    More importantly, we provide total management. It includes rescue management plans and site inductions. Furthermore, we offer gas monitoring, implementing permit systems and supply.

    Confined space auditing and consulting

    The Australian Construction team has worked for years in various confined space surroundings. Additionally, we are among the major trainers of confined space rescue in Brisbane. Therefore, we consistently update our skills and knowledge.

    We have discovered that most sites have deep awareness about their best practices and obligations concerning confined space operations. Given this, we can help tremendously in providing additional information. More importantly, we can enhance safe work methods. Australian Construction is a genuine industry partner. For this reason, we help you improve your confined space procedures consistently.

    We offer these services:

    • Assessing and identifying confined space
    • Confined space register; updates, development and auditing
    • SWMS (risk assessment and safe work method) and implementation
    • Confined space rescue plan development
    • Creation of Confined Space Safety Management Systems
    • Training, testing and auditing confined space emergency response processes
    • Gas monitoring; our trained and competent professionals offer this service. Besides, we provide it as a consulting service. Because of this, you improve your present test systems and equipment.
    • Developing and implementing confined space permit structures.
    • Review and suggestions for site policy improvements. Also, process and work instructions concerning confined space operations.
    • Confined space works total site management.
    • Confined Space Safety Management Systems development
    • Our entire work complies with the Confined Space Code of Practice & Australian Standards (AS 2865). More importantly, we follow industry best practice.

    Confined space management

    Australian Construction is committed to providing our Confined Space Management Solutions with openness and integrity. In addition, our top priority is safety. Our staff work to the best of their ability. Because of this, you can depend on us to provide results. After all, our team has the proper training and equipment. Also, they have site support as well as supervision to provide outstanding services.

    All our Confined Space Sentries are qualified. Because of this, they watch their allocated confined spaces carefully. So, they ensure they meet all the client’s requirements. More importantly, we meet Australian Standards. To achieve this, our confined space sentries do the following:

    • They check all permits and JSA’s and read them. Hence they ensure they all match, are valid and signed.
    • Ensure that those entering have valid qualifications.
    • Report all exits/entries to our Sentry Control. It provides up to the minute precision.
    • Use gas monitors to monitor the atmosphere continuously
    • They verify that work crews are signed off.

    Confined Space Rescue Teams

    The Australian Construction Rescue teams offer an affordable savings alternative. This service maintains personnel and equipment for an on-site team.

    Our teams offer emergency retrieval systems and supplied air units. They also provide personal protective equipment. Additionally, they provide medical trauma kits for likely rescue in IDLH atmospheres. Our rescue personnel supervise all activities outside and inside the area. Therefore, we facilitate a secure Confined Space entry.


    The Australian Construction Rescue Teams have vast experience. For example, we have worked in tunnels, boilers and chemical tanks as well as tunnels. During plant shut-downs, most facilities utilise our unique crews as Safety Officers. Many members of our team are HazMat Technicians. Moreover, they have training in CPR & First Aid. Also, we have extensive rescue equipment, air monitors, supplied air units and medical first aid kits.

    We look forward to discussing all your Brisbane confined space rescue services today.