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    Confined Space Rescue In Darwin

    At Australian Construction, we are professionally equipped to offer confined space rescue in Darwin. Therefore, our confined space trained team enters a confined space. Additionally, they are CPR trained. Furthermore, if necessary, our crew is on standby at the entry spot to provide rescue.

    We have specially trained confined space rescue technicians. Because of this, they ensure your workers are safe. Moreover, they make sure you meet your OSHA mandated requirements. Additionally, we have a confined space rescue trailer. It has all the essential equipment. As a result, we extricate a person safely from a confined space in case of an accident or injury.

    Confined Space Monitoring

    You may be responsible for the protection of workers who enter or work in a hazardous confined space. In that case, you should ensure you are ready for the possible risks (invisible and visible). Various atmospheric risks like flammable gases can be very dangerous to your employees’ safety and health. Under these circumstances, Australian Construction offers you peace of mind. Given this, we offer a confined space monitoring solution. It simultaneously measures over 50 dangerous gases with minimal detection limits.

    Confined space equipment

    Before we enter a space with dangerous gases, Australian Construction completes a pre-entry assessment using confined space equipment. We mainly do this by sinking a gas detector into space. Alternatively, we insert a tube or probe and pump air into the gas analyser.

    At all times, we monitor these areas before we enter and whenever workers are present. Using our gas analyser, we continuously check the main compounds. Additionally, we screen for unforeseen risks. Because of this, you make wise decisions about your work safety measures and work practices.

    You might wonder why we encourage people to use professionals like us for confined space rescue in Darwin. The reason is these are very dangerous spaces. Furthermore, they are narrow and restrictive. So, many times, they have dangerous materials in gas or liquid form. Consequently, they can be dangerous and even lethal.

    What do confined space rescue entail?

    Confined space rescue in Darwin is a subsection of technical rescue processes. It entails rescuing and recovering victims stuck in a confined place. These people might be trapped in an area only accessible via confined spaces. For examples, spaces like storage silos, underground vaults and sewers.

    Some examples of confined space are:

    • First, it is sufficiently big and designed to enable an employee to enter and physically carry out delegation work.
    • Second, the space has restricted or limited means for exit or entry. For example, spaces with limited methods of entry like:
    1. Vaults
    2. Hoppers
    3. Pits
    4. Tanks
    5. Storage bins
    6. Silos
    • Third, its design is not meant for consistent employee occupancy.

    The main kinds of confined space rescue groups

    We have three main kinds of confined space rescue in Darwin:

    • Entry rescue
    • Non-entry rescue
    • Self-rescue

    Self-rescue describes a situation where the trapped individual can free themselves. They do this independently or with guidance when they recognise a serious condition or start going through exposure symptoms. On the other hand, an entry monitor situated outside the space can detect a new hazard. Consequently, it advises the entrant to vacate the space before they become affected. This rescue method is popular because the risk is less, and retrieval time is reduced.

    Non-entry rescue is a situation where we involve extrication. Under these circumstances, we rescue the injured individual without anyone else entering the space. Mainly we do this by using a safety line to pull the person from the confined space.

    The last kind of confined space rescue is entry rescue. Our team uses it as a last resort option. It happens when extra trained personnel needs to enter the confined space to rescue a hurt person and take them to safety. We plan entry rescues meticulously and execute them.

    The reason is that if the rescue fails, we may need to remove more victims.  Because of this, we ensure our trained rescuers are familiar with the surroundings. More importantly, we constantly re-evaluate the circumstances.

    Why confined space is risky

    Confined spaces can result in harmful atmospheric conditions. It arises from the accumulation of toxic gas or restricted oxygen supply. Time is limited, and the time needed to rescue someone from an emergency confined space is just four to six minutes. Because of this, rescue teams need to be ready. Therefore, we create pre-plans beforehand. So, if a rescue is necessary, we do it quickly.


    Australian Construction is available to help with every confined space rescue operation. We pre-stage, pre-plan and help in confined space rescue in Darwin. Our company especially works on situations involving OSHA permitted confined spaces. We highly advise you to avoid carrying out a rescue on your own.

    Therefore, for safe, fast and compliant rescue, talk to us today.