PUASAR025 & PUASAR022 Licensed Confined Space Rescue Melbourne


    Confined Space Rescue In Melbourne

    At Australian Construction we have the experience and expertise to contain a confined space emergency safely. More importantly, we take extra measures to ensure everyone is safe. Furthermore, we are expertly equipped. As a result, we offer confined space rescue in Melbourne to facilitate entry into a confined space.

    A confined space describes an area not created for human occupancy. It is one with converging walls or floors. Also, it features single entry and exit points. Confined spaces are hazardous to safety. For this reason, confined space training is essential for any person handling this kind of emergency. Our team has training in confined space and CPR also.

    Moreover, we have a standby crew at the entry point to offer rescue if necessary. We have specially trained confined space rescue technicians. Because of this, they ensure your workers are safe. Moreover, they make sure you meet your OSHA mandated requirements. Our confined space rescue trailer consists of all the essential equipment. So we safely evacuate a person from a confined space in case of an accident or injury.

    Emergency response services

    Australian Construction emergency response services entail:

    • Plans development
    • Providing plan management
    • Training delivery

    We provide emergency response services. Consequently, it enables your company to implement an emergency plan. Because of this, during serious emergency operations, your staff remains safe and healthy. So allow us to use our skills to work for you. We create plans for fire, rescue, natural disasters, hazmat, oil spills and more.

    Industrial rescue services

    We keep your employees safe with our industrial rescue services. These services highlight emergency training and crisis avoidance. More importantly, we customise them to your firm’s particular requirements. Additionally, we provide trained rescue personnel. They advise you on all areas of crisis avoidance and management.

    We offer the following industrial rescue services:

    • Trained rescue personnel
    • Rescue team training
    • Standby rescue
    • Offshore and land-based
    • Confined space entry
    • Emergency rescue teams
    • High angle rescue
    • Rescue and safety equipment rental

    Our company provides an industrial rescue program for various safety-connected incidents, for example:

    Each rescue program might include site-specific contingency proposals, fit testing and respiratory PFT. It also entails safety equipment sales and rentals.

    Onsite rescue services

    At Australian Construction, we have programs and procedures. So we equip your firm with the sector’s best rescue services. Therefore, your workers remain safe. Wherever you are located in Melbourne, whether offshore or onshore, our professionals provide the rescue services you need. Given this, you are prepared in case of an emergency.

    Using our rescue services, you can:

    • Keep your workers safe in emergencies
    • Decrease liability and enhance productivity
    • Be ready for essential offshore and land-based rescue operations
    • Ensure you comply with industrial emergency rescue works.

    Our rescue personnel are highly skilled. Because of this, they provide services customised to your unique needs, whether offshore or onshore. Moreover, we can offer you experienced on-site standby/rescue teams who provide services like:

    • Confined space rescue
    • Remote locations
    • Difficult work locations
    • Above ground activities/high angle rescue
    • Fall protection rescue

    Considerations for a confined space rescue plan process

    There are several considerations for a restricted space rescue plan. For example, elements like:

    • Where the space is situated in connection to medical facilities. Also, how accessible is the area in an emergency? (keep in mind holidays, weekends and nights).
    • What method of communication will a worker use during an emergency to people outside the confined space? During the rescue, how will they communicate with the rescuer?
    • You should consider the kind of emergency likely to happen. Given this, you can get the correct equipment.
    • Size of exits and entrances; all essential rescue personnel and equipment should fit safely through the exit and entry points.
    • Is personal protective equipment essential for rescue personnel? They can use it for entering a confined space.
    • Is there equipment or a first aid marshal on-site?


    Having a confined space rescue plan is crucial for any business. These are businesses which need confined space operations. You should follow many technical factors when defining your confined space. For instance, consider the dangers involved in that space.

    Also, keep in mind the elements affecting a confined space rescue process.  In addition, Australian Construction offers equipment inspections for confined space. We ensure it meets Australian Standards and is ready for implementation if necessary.

    Talk to us today for efficient confined space rescue in Melbourne!