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    Confined Space Rescue In Perth

    At Australian Construction, we offer on-site confined space audit and entry management services. You may have a project that involves multiple confined spaces. In that case, we provide an on-supervisor. They help you in maintaining compliance. Moreover, they assist you in ensuring all personnel working in your confined space rescue in Perth are working correctly and following procedures. We also offer on-site guidance as you work. Therefore, your work proceeds without interruption.

    Definition of confined space

    The dangers associated with a particular situation determine a confined space. Therefore, it does not just define work carried out in a small space. A confined space entails a partially enclosed or enclosed space that:

    • Is fire-prone
    • Has dangerous amounts of different airborne contaminants
    • Its design or purpose is not for human occupancy
    • While a person is inside the space, the atmospheric pressure should be at standard.

    The confined space may be risky to health and safety due to:

    • An atmosphere that lacks a safe level of oxygen.
    • Contaminants such as vapours, specks of dust or airborne gases might lead to injury from explosion or fire.

    Confined spaces are mainly found in:

    • Chimneys, flues and ducts
    • Silage and manure pits
    • Storage tanks
    • Silos
    • Dry and wet wells

    Safety solutions

    Before beginning work that entails entering a confined space, hire a competent firm like Australian Construction. We carry out a confined space risk analysis and complete a permit for confined space entry. Our talented team implements control measures to handle hazards linked to the work to be done in and near the space. Some of the safety solutions we offer are:

    • Working from the exterior of the space to eliminate risk.
    • Isolating or substituting the risk or implementing engineering controls.
    • Creating an emergency response process, for instance, a safe recovery process.
    • Establishing confined space safe work processes.
    • We get experienced experts to undertake the work instead.
    • Our team suitably traces the fresh air exhaust and intake, especially when purging flammable or hazardous flammable airborne pollutants from the space.
    • We study any safety data, for instance, technical standards or other data. If applicable, we find out about space’s previous uses.
    • We place restricted access signs indicating you need a signed entry permit for entering.

    Standby Rescue

    Australian Construction provides standby rescue services for various situations. It includes heights work or confined spaces. It may also involve an event where our confined space rescue in Perth is essential. Under these circumstances, call us to find out more.

    Do you already have a rescue team on-site? In this case, you might require confirmation of competency. Or perhaps you need special training for a particular job. Under these circumstances, we can also visit your site and present rescue plans. Given this, we guide your team in the specific rescue requirements.

    Moreover, we offer standby services (hole watcher, observer, sentry) for confined space or heights work. For this reason, you need a skilled person to run a permit and carry out gas testing. They also create an emergency rescue plan.  As a result, your employees remain safe while working.

    The Australian Construction rescue technicians have professional training. Moreover, they are verified via multiple private and government agencies. It includes Fire & Rescue NSW, State Emergency Service and the Australian Army.

    Therefore, they undertake the following:

    Confined Space Rescue: It involves pits, vessels, trenches, tanks, ship hulls and sewers.

    Vertical/Heights Rescue: It includes telecommunication towers, wind farms, and cranes. Additionally, it concerns high/low rise construction.

    Standby services: This involves any of the works mentioned. Here you need a skilled individual to run a permit. They also need to be on standby. It can apply to confined space or heights.

    Site safety management/supervisor:  For the above mentioned works where you require a skilled person. They supervise and observe multiple or single jobs on-site. It applies to confined space or heights.

    Difficult access jobs

    Australian Construction has vast experience in various industries like:

    • Defence
    • Shut-downs
    • Wind farms
    • Energy and oil
    • Rail industry
    • Maintenance
    • Construction
    • Geo-technical


    Australian Construction uses creativity to complete the job. We then pass on that knowledge to our clients. You may have a complex access project. For instance, you might have confined spaces, heights or a hard to access area. Because of this, you are unsure of how to do the job safely because of the risks involved. You need an expert to handle your project.

    Therefore, call us and we will assist you with confined space rescue in Perth!