Licensed Confined Space Rescue In Sydney For Hire On All Projects


    Hire Licensed Confined Space Rescue In Sydney

    Some environments like confined spaces need specific adjustments. In other words, to complete any job, particular techniques are essential. For this reason, Australian Construction has specialised teams. Our teams are suitably certified and trained in confined space rescue in Sydney and height rescue. So, they can work safely under any circumstances.

    Our rescue teams only utilise industry-specific and rated equipment suitable for each task. We always work in compliance with a full Risk Assessment as well as site detailed Rescue Plans.

    Rope Access Services

    At Australian Construction, we customise our specialist Rope Access services. They are therefore suitable for your inspection, installation and maintenance requirements. We have a diverse, multi-skilled and diverse workforce. Because of this, we create personalised Rope Access Teams.

    We precisely match them to complete your offshore or onshore project plans effectively and efficiently. Not only do our operators have skills and trades, but they are also Confined Space Entry and Rope Access trained.

    First, we consult with you to find out your project plans. Second, we consider your priorities and third, we discuss, plan and agree to deliver your tasks effectively. Our company uses a collaborative approach. Also, we have a wide variety of rope access equipment. Additionally, we have unique solutions to rope access issues. As a result, we save time, cash and reduce interruption for our clients. We deliver all our rope access projects safely and timely.

    Confined Space Rescue

    Stand-By Services

    Rescue missions are hazardous. It is especially so in confined spaces because they restrict rescuers’ movement. As a result, it increases the danger to life and limb. It would be best for confined space rescue teams to have various highly specialised abilities. However, before they begin any missions, they should carry out an initial assessment. Because of this, they can establish the level of hazard. Consequently, they decide the best action to eliminate or control it.

    Australian Construction is a complete service, countrywide rescue service provider. We have a staff of expertly trained emergency response personnel. For our confined space rescue in Sydney, we provide 24/7 rescue services. For example, we offer an emergency response, on-site and standby rescue activities. We can dispatch a whole team or one technician. It depends on the rescue mission requirements.

    Our rescue team

    The Australian Construction confined space rescue teams go through comprehensive rescue training. Because of this, they meet all relevant standards. More importantly, they have vast knowledge in all areas of safety and rescue. They are certified in:

    • EMS (it includes CPR/AED, first aid, airborne and bloodborne pathogen containment.
    • Dangerous material environments
    • High angle and technical rope rescue

    Coupled with this, our team has intensive training in standard rescue protocol. These factors enable our team to succeed. Common rescue and response mission operations involve:

    • Analysing the possible dangers then formulating the plan of action.
    • Getting inside the confined area.
    • Assessing the internal site surrounding (e.g. air quality). Distributing respirator and different equipment as required.
    • Starting EMS (emergency medical services) like resuscitative & stabilising medical processes.
    • Evacuating entrapped people.
    • Communicating and working with other fire or rescue teams and or
    • Offering standby rescue operations

    An effective plan for confined space rescue

    There are significant hazards involved when you work in confined spaces. For this reason, it is essential to implement rescue plans. This is in case an emergency or accident occurs. In Australia, the code of practice states employers are legally bound to ensure they have established rescue and first aid procedures.

    Moreover, they need to rehearse these to ensure efficacy and effectiveness. Furthermore, recognising and controlling confined space hazards reduces the possibility of an emergency occurring. Also, it provides suitable training and permits.

    Confined space hazards & safety measures

    There are common dangers linked to working in confined spaces.  It includes:

    • Poor air quality
    • Fire hazards
    • High noise levels
    • Trapping & crushing hazards
    • Drowning
    • Explosions
    • Engulfment

    Many work dangers increase when in a confined area. It happens due to the enclosed atmosphere and restricted movement. Apart from addressing the particular existing hazards, there are also specific safety processes when working in confined spaces. For example:

    • Clean and well-ventilated spaces
    • Clear signage about entry permissions
    • Safety lines and harnesses when falling danger exists
    • Suitable PPE (personal protective equipment), rescue and first aid equipment.
    • Entry permits for confined space
    • Sufficient training & information for employees and standby support


    At Australian Construction, we service all industries. Additionally, we have vast experience in the mining, minerals, energy and construction sectors. Besides, we serve the utility and communications industries. We offer the ideal services. Additionally, we offer unsurpassed technical competence. Given this, we offer suitable safety solutions to meet our clients’ requirements.

    It will be our pleasure to provide your confined space rescue in Sydney!