Experienced & Trusted COVID Commercial Cleaning Service In Brisbane


Safeguard Your Health With Professional COVID Cleaning In Brisbane

    If you provide essential services in Brisbane and are still operational at this period, the main concern is maintaining safety and preventing infection at your workplace. Sanitising your facilities using disinfecting wipes to wipe down areas regularly are important steps.

    But, in a pandemic, you need the professional services of Australian Construction to maintain a safe environment. Our COVID cleaning service in Brisbane strongly recommends professional disinfecting of your premises to keep essential staff working in the middle of this crisis.

    A COVID cleaning service helps in preventing disease in the facility and gives all its occupants peace of mind when they realise you are taking steps to keep them safe.

    Benefits of working with a professional COVID cleaning company

    1.  Australian Construction professional sanitising reaches all the facility’s corners. Our competent team applies disinfectant using different methods like surface wiping spraying and fogging. Ordinary cleaning would not address these sections of the building.

    In the fogging method, we use a fine spray to apply disinfectant to enable it to reach all interior areas. We use this process in interior areas and air duct systems. Surface wiping involves wiping all the surfaces down using industrial grade disinfectant. Our COVID cleaning team in Brisbane applies the solution when wet, allows it to settle, then wipes it for optimal effectiveness.

    During the spraying method, we apply a ‘wet’ spray, coating a surface completely in sanitising solution. After applying the solution, we let it dry, ensuring effectiveness. As you have probably noticed on the news, many cities are wet-spraying public areas. We use these methods to sanitise all the facility’s corners from the air duct system’s interior and high-touch surfaces.

    1.  We use superior sanitising products for professional cleaning. Buying products off the shelf effectively deals with Coronavirus; however, they are not as effective as a stronger disinfectant. There is a difference between our professional-powerful cleaning products and the products you buy from the shop.

    When you use a firm like ours that uses professional powerful cleaning to combat the coronavirus, you are getting superior quality sanitisation and optimising your possibility of eliminating any virus.

    1. Avoiding to use your staff and employees to disinfect and clean the premises keeps them safe. Our professional team has training to wear the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) and use a cleaning method to minimise endangering themselves.  Your staff might not be experienced in wiping down and cleaning areas. 

    Additionally, our COVID cleaning team in Brisbane can plan after-hours tasks to prevent contact with your occupants, eliminating any close interaction with people. It is a lot safer than when your staff cleans during normal working hours. If you are unable to plan cleaning after hours, for instance, for companies that operate 24/7, our team works with you to get a solution.

    Because of the above reasons, we believe that our regular professional disinfecting, sanitising and cleaning is essential.

    Is deep cleaning important for Coronavirus?

    The World Health Organisation and the Center for Disease Control have both recommended having a sanitised, disinfected and clean surrounding to help in controlling the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spread. In particular, the CDC recommends cleaning and disinfecting facilities. 

    Taking the above three steps is mainly termed as carrying out a ‘deep clean.’ Our experienced COVID cleaning team in Brisbane is happy to help you to adhere to the guidelines of these health organisations. We do this by explaining what a deep clean is. Yours and your staff’s safety is our top priority and comprehending how to conquer the prevalence of the sickness is crucial.

    The difference between disinfecting, sanitising and cleaning

    It would be best if you understood that cleaning does not kill viruses, bacteria or fungi, mostly known as ‘germs.’ Instead, our team cleans using a combination of water, a cleaning product and scrubbing. Even through cleaning fails to kill germs, it remains an important part of the deep cleaning procedure since removing debris and dirt makes it possible for our germ-killing methods and products to be more effective.

    Our sanitising and disinfecting methods, however, describe products that kill germs. These procedures do not essentially remove germs or clean dirty surface. But, when we kill germs on a surface after we clean, it reduces the danger of spreading infection. Sanitisers decrease the surface bacteria by at least 99.9%. 

    In contrast, disinfectants kill a bigger range of microorganisms like mould, fungi, viruses and bacteria. These techniques are ideal on all surfaces such as natural stone like limestone, granite and marble; drapes, fabrics, upholstery; and area rugs on tough non-porous surfaces like stainless steel and your HVAC system’s components.

    Do you require a professional deep clean?

    You can disinfect, sanitise and clean your facilities using solutions from the store. But, to access all sections requires our deep clean. For your HVAC system, we suggest contacting our professional COVID cleaning team in Brisbane. Our experts use tools like industrial sprayers and foggers to reach all sections of your home.

    How our cleaning technicians protect against COVID-19

    We are living in uncertain times and we are ready to help if you want. Our technicians are fully trained and we run background checks on them. We are ready to give your facility a deep clean. Our improved services include disinfecting carpets, air ducts, hard surfaces and upholstery.

    Australian Construction knows that allowing people into your business can trigger concern. We are committed to you and our staff adheres to all the World Health Organisation and CDC recommendations.  Some of the guidelines our employees and technicians follow are:

    • Our technicians follow the CDC guidelines for using hand sanitizer, handwashing and they adhere to all recommended hygiene steps.
    • To observe social distancing, our technicians maintain a 6 feet distance from our clients and as they clean, sanitise and disinfect you do not have to be in the same area with them.
    • We disinfect and clean all our equipment regularly using professional-grade disinfectant.
    • Our technicians wear gloves, masks and booties; according to the CDC essential workers should wear masks and we follow this guideline.


    Australian Construction’s COVID cleaning team in Brisbane is dedicated to giving you a safe, clean and healthy work environment. We appreciate you as a client and community member and we assure you that we are here to assist you manage this crisis.

    Call us today to schedule one of our professional deep clean procedures!