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Feel Safe With Our Expert COVID Cleaning Services In Melbourne

    The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has altered what cleaning means. Opening businesses is the first step to moving forward. Staff may fear going back to work, and clients might wonder whether the businesses they visit are safe.

    Australian Construction provides a defensive cleaning program to commercial locations to deal with the present COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. It is a cleaning level that surpasses carpet or janitorial cleaning. It involves proactive viral pathogen cleaning.

    When you choose our COVID cleaning team in Melbourne, it guarantees that the customers, community and employees have chosen a higher cleaning standard.

    We are the top choice in restoration and clean-up and our years of expertise enables us to help community areas and businesses to remain clean and safe. 


    Facilities and spaces are different, and it is why we hire a cleaning protocol consultant who works to comprehend the business. Our skilled COVID cleaning team in Melbourne will create a custom COVID-19 cleaning program to suit your particular needs.

    Australian Construction has worked in many sectors with businesses like start-ups to multinational and global organisations.  It is the reason our staff knows they should begin such a serious cleaning procedure with a consultation.

    We develop every specific program depending on various factors like space size, business type, foot traffic, congestion points and high-frequency touchpoints.  Due to this, clients acknowledge that we are not only an industry leading standard in cleaning; our cleaning is tailored to every facility’s requirement. 


    Melbourne’s COVID cleaning team undertakes a detailed, professional deep clean in all locations in the people, process, and product aspects. Our team gives customers, employees and businesses peace of mind knowing they are safe. Our professionals are exceptionally prepared during this extraordinary time to disinfect and clean according to the CDC protocols.  

    We are experienced in dealing with biological contaminants like COVID-19 cleaning, and we take extra steps beyond the scope of the work that standard janitorial employees perform.


    The COVID cleaning professionals in Melbourne have the training to perform emergency or proactive COVID-19 cleaning that entails structure or facility disinfection and cleaning. Our clean-up procedures mainly include cleaning non-porous and porous surfaces, disinfecting and cleaning tools, equipment or supplies utilised for clean-up procedures, and disposing of harmful materials.

    In case of a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 event, our team will be there to clean within 24 hours, ensuring that the facility goes back to business quickly.


    We have various unique cleaning products to meet any requirement, such as ServprOXIDE, a hospital-grade disinfectant. It has a low toxicity category and is safe to use on direct food contact surfaces. All our products meet the CDC standards for use to assist in preventing the COVID-19 spread.


    We extend our integrity as a superior biohazard cleaning firm in the state to every participating business, assuring customers and employees. After we have certified the location, the participants gain access to digital emblems, propriety signage and other collateral that shows they have chosen a higher cleaning standard to help customers and employees.

    We are trusted in the restoration sector, and our professionals have been on the front lines of reactive and proactive COVID-19 as businesses open again. At Australian Construction, it is our role to inspire confidence by ensuring we COVID clean your premises. We are available to clean 24/7 and ensure that life goes back to normal in all the facilities.

    Many facilities in the country are shutting down to control the potential prevalence of COVID-19 or a community spread outbreak.  Some might be considering the deep cleaning procedure or have started it. Below are best practices and disinfecting an area during a closure.

    • Ensure that the disinfectant you are utilising has approval for use against SARS-CoV-2, which is the coronavirus that triggers the coronavirus that leads to COVID-19. 
    • Disinfect every touch-point, not only the regularly touched surfaces. To simplify the procedure, consider utilising equipment like foggers, misters and electrostatic sprayers to ensure difficult to reach surfaces are not overlooked.
    • Ensure the custodial staff have proper training and wear suitable PPE (personal protective equipment).
    • Remove any noticeable soil using a detergent-based cleaner before applying a disinfectant and follow the directions on the product label for efficient disinfecting.
    • Some disinfectants are cleaners, and we use them for the two steps.
    • Ensure that the surfaces remain noticeably wet for the contact period the product label specifies.

    To reduce cross-contamination, below are more considerations for surfaces disinfection:

    • Disinfect surfaces from dirty to clean areas; for instance, restrooms are one of the highly contaminated spaces and should be the last area to be cleaned.
    • Disinfect the surface from high spaces to low spaces so that any dust or dirt that has germs removed from above are extracted after you clean the lower areas.
    • Disinfect last after the other activities (for instance, removing noticeable soil and vacuum and emptying trash) so that any likely contaminated dust and dirt do not contaminate already disinfected surfaces again.

    Lastly, the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has particular recommendations if a COVID-19 case has been verified in your facility. The recommendations include:

    • Close off the areas that suspected or confirmed COVID-19 people have visited, and, if possible, wait for 24 hours before starting to clean and disinfect to minimise possible exposure to respiratory droplets.
    • Open exterior windows and doors to raise the area’s air circulation.

    More considerations for employers

    • As an employer, work with the state and local health departments to facilitate suitable guidelines and protocols like additional or updated guidance for recognising new likely COVID-19 cases.
    • Employers should educate workers and staff performing trash pick-up, laundry and cleaning activities to identify COVID-19 symptoms and provide guidelines on what action to take if they develop signs within fourteen days following their last likely exposure to the virus. Staff should notify their supervisor and local health department if they develop COVID-19 symptoms.


    Australian Construction appreciates the importance of disinfecting and cleaning to prevent COVID-19 contamination from spreading in the business premises. That is the reason our team of COVID cleaning experts in Melbourne provide the best professional COVID cleaning services to your business premises. 

    Call our expert team today to ensure a clean and safe environment for your employees and visitors!