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    Employee health is of paramount concern, especially today. Most businesses want an environmentally-friendly operations. An expert commercial cleaning service like Australian Construction uses safer ‘green’ products to avoid toxins lingering in the air and avoid perfumed cleaning products that may affect many people.

    Fresh air is essential for a safe, healthy surrounding for your employees. COVID-19 is spread via respiratory droplets like saliva from person to person and through touching infected areas like handles, doorknobs, remote controls, etc.

    The best way to safeguard your workplace is to contact our professional COVID cleaning service in Perth to ensure a thorough clean, disinfection and sanitisation of all surfaces.

    We advise you to hire our skilled team to deep clean your commercial area often. Deep cleaning services are presently in high demand. So request our services now to ensure minimal disruption to your normal business operations.

    Our deep clean procedure

    It is important to clean, disinfect and sanitise your office if there is concern that a customer, staff member or occupant is unwell. Sanitising the office following a sickness concern can help prevent other users of the facility from falling sick because of lingering bacteria and germs in the surrounding.

    Our COVID cleaning team in Perth are certified and background-checked according to top cleaning and sanitation standards. The Australian Construction professionals provide services to sanitise and disinfect against contaminants using specialised training and products to make your facility healthy and clean.

    The COVID cleaning team in Perth carries out a proactive disinfection and facility cleaning so long as our clients verify that there is no active known COVID-19 threat of exposure or contamination on the premises.

    This disinfecting and cleaning will only apply to the facility’s current state. It will be impossible to protect the facility from future COVID-19 contamination if an infected individual enters and occupies the building. It is the reason we recommend cleaning the building early and often.

    Our cleaning recommendations

    Australian Construction advises you to clean high-touch surfaces like:

    • Doorknobs
    • Tabletops and counters
    • Racks and shelves
    • Handrails
    • Rugs and carpeting
    • Light switches
    • Toilets and bathroom fixtures
    • Tablets, keyboards and phones
    • Water fountains

    We recommend cleaning the above surfaces in the environments below:

    • Bathrooms
    • Food areas and kitchens
    • Offices
    • Elevator cars
    • Retail sales spaces
    • Gymnasiums and playgrounds
    • Fitness facilities
    • Arenas and theatres
    • Hotels, bars and restaurants
    • Community centres and libraries

    Our COVID cleaning team in Perth is deeply committed to giving you a healthy, safe, and clean environment. We appreciate you as a customer and community member, and we guarantee you our help.

    Essential businesses’ professional COVID-19 cleaning 

    As an essential business still running at this period, keeping your work premises free and safe from infection may be a key concern. It applies to prevent sickness in the facility and give all the occupants peace of mind, so they are assured that every step is being taken to safeguard them.

    According to the CDC’s guidelines, each essential business should ‘disinfect and clean all the areas regularly.’ Also, it is clear that people and be asymptomatic and still spread COVID-19, leading to necessary steps being taken in each open organisations. 

    Due to this, most organisations are taking action to keep their premises sanitised, for instance, wiping down areas using disinfecting wipes and cleaning more frequently than before. We believe that taking these steps is vital but not enough to maintain a safe working surrounding in the middle of an epidemic.

    We highly recommend expert disinfecting of your facility as a method of keeping your occupants and employees safe and keeping essential workers working during this period of crisis.

    Below are some of the reasons for this:

    • Professional sanitising reaches all the facility’s corners. We apply disinfectant utilising a combination of methods like surface wiping, spraying and fogging the building areas that ordinary cleaning does not cover.
    • Fogging – with this technique, we use a fine spray for delivering disinfectant, so it reaches all the interior areas. Our team carries out this process in air duct systems and interior spaces.
    • Surface wiping – we wipe down all the surfaces using an industrial-grade disinfectant. Our qualified team applies this solution wet, allows it to settle then wipes it for optimal effectiveness.
    • Spraying – We apply a ‘wet’ spray coat to a surface completely in sanitising solution. After applying the solution, we allow it to dry to facilitate effectiveness. We use all these techniques to reach all the premises and sanitise all the high-touch surfaces and air duct system’s interior.

    Expert cleaning involves using a superior quality sanitising product. Products bought from the shelf effectively address Coronavirus; however, they are not as efficient as a more powerful disinfectant.

    When you use a company like Australian Construction that uses powerful cleaning products for combating the coronavirus, you receive top quality sanitation and optimise your chances of getting rid of any virus.

    Hiring a skilled team such as our COVID cleaning service Perth to disinfect and clean your premises, instead of leaving this task to your employees or staff, ensures everyone’s safety.

    Our professional crews have the training to wear suitable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and clean in a method that reduces risk to themselves. If your employees are wiping down and cleaning the areas, they may not have the necessary experience and awareness of protecting themselves properly.


    A company like Australian Construction can plan after-hours tasks to prevent contact with the people on the premises and avoid any individual to individual interaction.

    This is safer than when your staff is cleaning during normal working hours. If your business operates 24 hours a day, we can work with you to determine a good solution that is suitable for you.

    Here at Australian Construction, we believe that all essential businesses should undertake regular professional disinfecting, sanitising and cleaning to protect their premises. 

    Get in touch with us today, and our COVID cleaning team in Perth will be happy to help you disinfect, sanitise and clean your facilities!