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Protect Your Business Premises From The COVID Spread With Professional Cleaning Services

    If you are an employer, you have an obligation to protect individuals from harm. This includes taking practical steps to protect your employees and others from the Coronavirus or COVID-19. This virus transfers from people to surfaces, and it is passed to others who come into contact with the same surfaces.

    When you keep your workplace clean, it decreases the likelihood of the Coronavirus spreading. It is an essential part of making your business ‘COVID-secure.’ As a business owner, you should consider the areas you and your staff work.

    You can clean using the tips, guidelines and information that the CDC provides; however, working with a team of professionals such as our COVID cleaning team in Sydney, can give you better outcomes and shield you from possible infection.

    When hiring a COVID cleaning service in Sydney for your apartment building, business space or other property cleaning, look for a well-conversant company with that type of space.

    This ensures that the space will be germs-free and that our expert team will consider the specific area’s particulars. For instance, if your office area has more cleaning areas than an apartment, a suitable company like ours will perform the job well.

    Why you need professional COVID cleaning

    The importance of regular disinfecting and cleaning the areas we occupy has become more essential than before. Adhering to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is essential for your safety and your employee’s safety. So, it would help if you took all the precautions to avoid the COVID-19 spread.

    Regular maintenance is the solution to reducing infection risk, and hiring an expert service like our COVID cleaning team in Sydney can help you create a safe environment. 

    The difference between disinfecting and cleaning

    Cleaning means when we physically remove germs (viruses and bacteria), grime and dirt from surfaces using a water and detergent solution. A detergent describes a surfactant that works to break up grease and oil using water.

    Our skilled team disinfects to kill germs on surfaces using chemicals. Cleaning before disinfecting is vital because grime and dirt reduce the capability of disinfectants to kill germs.  

    Areas to be disinfected and cleaned

    Any frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned regularly, like door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, workplace amenities, toilets, and taps. You should engage our expert cleaners to regularly clean and disinfect surfaces that many people touch. 

    If your business premises have many clients or others entering daily, we recommend more regular cleaning and disinfection of regularly touched surfaces. If the work area is only visited by a limited number of work crew daily and involves minimal interaction with other individuals, routine disinfection and daily cleaning may not be necessary.

    Our COVID cleaning team in Sydney cleans and disinfects if a person is suspected or confirmed to be COVID-19 positive has visited your workplace according to the state’s health authority.

    Routine disinfection

    Our experienced cleaners are available to disinfect and clean the surfaces that many people touch regularly. Before disinfection, we clean all the surfaces with detergent or use a combined disinfectant and detergent method for a 2-in-1 clean.

    A regularly touched surface is one that people touch many times every day, whether by one person or different. Taps and handles are illustrations of frequently touched surfaces. An infrequently touched surface describes any surface that does not come into human contact more than once every day. If you are not sure, treat your surface as a frequently touched one.

    Do all surfaces need cleaning and disinfecting?

    It is not necessary to clean and disinfect each surface. The virus spreads by breathing in droplets that an infected person produces when they sneeze or cough, or touching contaminated surfaces. Therefore, we only clean-contaminated or touched surfaces. 

    It applies to deliberate touching, for instance, a doorknob or accidentally, such as brushing a door as one reaches for the doorknob. Some surfaces that remain untouched, like machinery crevices, cracks and ceilings, do not require disinfection and cleaning.

    Is cleaning and disinfecting necessary for equipment if no one has visited the area or utilised the equipment recently?

    Not necessarily. If the surface has not experienced human contact for some days, this reduces its infection potential. Consider how often a specific surface is touched or is exposed to human contact when deciding how often you want us to clean and disinfect an area or equipment. 

    According to research, the COVID-19 virus can exist on some surfaces for a long time. If unsure about whether a particular surface needs to be cleaned or disinfected, it is better to err on the side of caution. Our COVID cleaning team in Sydney can clean and disinfect the area to prevent the risk of infection.

    Employees’ personal items

    Instruct your employees on cleaning and disinfecting personal items utilised in the workplace like phones and glasses regularly using sprays and disinfectant wipes. When cleaning your workplace, our professional works wear protective clothing, PPE (personal protective equipment). It is essential for the cleaning products we use.

    These are the essential requirements:


    Disposable aprons, gowns or suits are not necessary. Clothes that you can wash later are appropriate.

    Provide your staff with PPE and train them on how to use it safely

    If you have a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case in your workplace, we always use surgical masks to clean the affected areas.  Hire a professional company like Australian Construction to clean thoroughly and disinfect before people go back to the workplace. 

    Guidelines to protect your workers

    • Encourage your sick workers to stay home. Set up policies that encourage unwell workers to stay home without fearing reprisals and ensure that the workers are familiar with these policies.
    • Talk to your employees about their worries. Some staff members are at higher risk of a severe sickness, such as elderly ones suffering from chronic medical conditions.
    • Create other flexible policies for telework and scheduling if it is practical. Also, set up leave policies, allowing staff to remain at home to take care of sick family members or take care of children if childcare and schools close.
    • Promote etiquette for hand-washing, sneezing and coughing. Provide no-touch trash cans, water and soap, tissues and hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol.


    During the outbreak of an infectious disease like the present COVID-19, business owners should be ready to disrupt their businesses and implement measures for protecting their employees’ and visitor’s safety and health in the workplace.

    Australian Construction’s expert COVID Cleaning Team in Sydney is ready to give you all the help you need to keep your business premises safe. Do not hesitate to call us today!