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Adelaide Demolition Contractor: What Services Do We Offer?

    Demolition is a much-needed process, especially when it comes to building abolishment or replacement, remodelling, and renovations. As infrastructures need to be broken down, there is no doubt about this being a lengthy and risky procedure. You need an Adelaide demolition contractor you can depend on.

    This being stated, it is evident that you need a professional team to work with if you are to need this service. This is where our company, Australian Construction, comes in.

    In this article, we’re going to talk about what demolition is all about, the services that we can offer you, and some suggestions on when you need to opt for demolition.

    What is a demolition?

    In a nutshell, demolition involves the deconstruction of buildings. This may be done for the purpose of removing infrastructures, creating a new empty space, or conducting redesigns of specific parts of a building. No matter the reason, the project will be required to be broken down.

    Below are the main advantages that demolition brings:

    1. Tool for Advancement

    The demolishment of buildings provides new canvases for new and more functional infrastructures. 

    Depending on the community, they can use this as an opportunity to create more tourist spots, medical establishments, agricultural land, and the likes, all of which can boost their economy and social status.

    2. Helps the Environment

    The process also helps eliminate hazardous and pollution-causing waste that most abandoned infrastructures have. This prevents the risk of encountering safety issues like being exposed to harmful chemicals.

    Demolition, like what is said earlier, is a lengthy process. This involves a lot of processes and requires a lot of effort in order to achieve completion. In the next sections, we are going to talk about the included procedures and how our contractors will achieve them.

    Pre-Demolition Process

    The pre-demolition process refers to the preparatory stage of demolition. This is where all the needed resources, including the plan, will be crafted to assure the seamlessness of the process.

    Here are the things needed during pre-demolition:

    1. Project Overview

    The first thing that our contractors will do is to form an overview of the project. This means that the state of the building will be analysed, specifically, its condition and current state, its size, height, and the resources that will be needed along the way.

    This can be completed through site visits or client interviews. Usually, both are preferred to gather more information.

    2. Removal of Building Accessories

    Next, we will go on to the removal of the things inside of the building. We are not referring to everything that you see inside, of course. In particular, we will eliminate chemicals, hazardous waste, and fixtures that may cause harm when broke, glass for example.

    3. Process Evaluation

    Lastly, we will make it our duty to evaluate the safety of the whole process in order to take advanced preventive measures. This is for the sake of the clients, the company’s team, the environment, and basically everyone in the area.

    An intensive preparation process will be done in order to guarantee the process’ completion. This is important because this will also serve as the foundation of the succeeding processes.

    4. Demolition Stage

    Moving on, we have the demolition stage. This is where the actual demolition process happens. This, however, is not a one-go process. Depending on the plan and the project’s evaluated needs, demolition may take place in either of the following methods:


    The method of implosion requires the installation and use of bombs. This is not to be confused with an explosion as the former is more of a “peaceful” type. Here, when bombs are ticked off, all the pieces of the building will be pulled towards the centre instead of it being shattered all over the place. This is ideal for large infrastructures.


    The excavator, on the other hand, is made possible by a machine, that is the excavator. This has a crane-like function which will be used in breaking down the parts of the building. This is, however, limited to buildings with 300 feet in height because of the machine’s capability.

    Wrecking Ball

    The third method, and is probably the most common, involves the use of wrecking balls. This uses a similar machine as the excavator but with a steel ball attached to its crane. The wrecking ball method is best for projects with a tight budget.

    Selective Demolition

    The last on our list is selective demolition. This is done if only a specific part of construction needs to be demolished. Taking this into account, this method is limited to physical labour and manual demolishment.

    This is used in renovation and remodelling. The type of demolition method to be used depends on factors like the building’s status, its needs, and the budget if it is given.

    Post-Demolition Process

    The third and last stage of demolition is the post-demolition process. This refers to the activities required to officially close the process.

    Here are some activities that this may include:


    After de-constructing the building, our contractors will clean the project area and assure that no debris will be left. This will make it convenient for the next construction process.


    The evaluation will also be done in order to assure that no damage is done to the community. This will also help our team ensure the client’s satisfaction with the service.

    This last process is as important as the first two. If this is skipped, it is likely that we will leave nothing but a mess in the construction area.

    Is our service for you?

    Our services are open to the commercial sector and general public. These include:

    • Building extinguishment
    • Large scale renovations and redesigns
    • Construction replacements
    • Area clearing

    Of course, the need for demolition is not limited to the situations above. For a clearer opinion, you can contact us and ask for suggestions as to whether the process will fit your project or it will be unnecessary.

    Summary: Adelaide Demolition Contractor

    Demolition is one of the most useful processes in the field of construction. It comes with a lot of advantages and is also the key to numerous community opportunities.

    If you’re looking for a professional team to work with, we guarantee that our Adelaide demolition contractor at Australian Construction will be the perfect match for your project. Feel free to send us a message or give us a call in case of inquiries or project negotiations.