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    If you are planning to hire a demolition contractor in Ballarat, there are some things that you need to know. This applies to all demolition jobs, and it is best that you are aware of what to expect.

    Today, we will provide you with an overview of what goes on from start to finish. Our list of processes should give you an overview of what happens for any demolition job. Use it to your advantage, and make sure the contractor will do this for you.

    Analysing the Building

    The first step in a demolition job is to analyse the building. Here, we need to see the original blueprint. It will help us understand where the foundations are. We will also know the best approach to take to do the demolition.

    As you know by now, demolition is a dangerous thing. We can use explosives or merely opt for machines and jack-hammers. All of these have something to do with the type of building that we are demolishing.

    As contractors, it is our obligation to find out what is best for the project. We do not want anybody to get hurt. The building analysis will come from our team of engineers who specialise in demolition.

    If necessary, we will even run a mock demolition through our computers. This is especially so if we will blast the building. We need to make sure that the implosion is perfect.  

    Planning the Demolition

    The second thing you need to expect is a plan. Even after we are confident with the analysis, it does not end there. We need to know where to position the explosives or the machines.

    Part of the planning process is labour. We also need to determine how long the demolition will take. This includes the time we will spend clearing the building before demolishing it.

    The plan also includes the kind of machines we will use. Should we use a wrecking ball? What about an excavator? How do we clean up the debris? All of these will be on the table, and you will be aware of what the plan is.

    Executing the Plan

    The last step is to do the demolition itself. But before we can do this, we need to secure permits from the government. You cannot just demolish a building. You need approval from the city officers.

    Once we have the permit, we need to speak with building owners near you. We have to ensure that they are aware, so they can also protect themselves. After that, we need to prepare a perimeter, so people will not walk around the building.

    Then, we will bring the machinery and equipment. We will clear the building of all things like furniture. Part of this process is to also remove windows and doors.

    Finally, we can last the building. Then, we will use cranes and wrecking balls. Our experts may also need jack-hammers and sledgehammers for some manual work.

    Summary: Demolition Contractor in Ballarat

    If you need more guidance, do not hesitate to give us a call at Australian Construction. You can also use the “request quote” form on our website.

    What happens next is that we will schedule an ocular inspection. A meeting is just apt for a project of this magnitude. Once the inspection is complete, we will create a plan and then send it over to you.

    From there, we can start the negotiations. We can also make some changes to the plan. If all is well, we will start securing the necessary permits from the government, and then start with the demolition project.