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    Bendigo is a thriving city known historically for the gold rush that happened in the 19th century. Because it is flourishing, it is not unusual to see demolition work in the city, and this is why a demolition contractor in Bendigo has a demand.

    If you need this service, there are some things you need to know before you hire a contractor. Today, we at Australian Construction will discuss the process involved in demolishing buildings. This should help prepare you for what to expect if you ever get this service.

    1. Project Planning

    The first step in the demolition is to plan the whole project. This planning stage involves looking for the best type of demolition.

    Here, we will decide if we need to use big machines, explosion, or implosion. There are many ways to dismantle an entire building. We will also determine if we can demolish some parts of the building in a manual way.

    This planning process will allow us to see how long the project will take, or how many labour hours we need. As such, we can determine the cost of the project. Once the plan is okay, we will present the plan to government officials for approval.

    2. Removing building parts

    The second step is to remove all things found inside the building. We will also remove the windows, doors, and other things that are inside, like built-in cabinets and sinks.

    This is an important part of the process to prevent accidents. Whether we do the demolition with dynamites or manually, accidents can happen if we do not remove certain parts of the building.

    This can take a while, but our demolition team will try to do this as fast as they can. After this clean-up, we will start setting up the machines.

    3. Demolition evaluation 

    Now, the next step is to assess how to go about the demolition. The most common process involves implosion. It is a type of demolition where the experts use explosives.

    Implosion, however, is different from an explosion. In implosion, the building will collapse on itself. This takes a lot of engineering expertise. The dynamites need to be in the right places to make them work.

    This is where the experts come in. We at Australian Construction have engineers who specialise in this area, so give us a call so we can discuss it further.

    4. Actual demolition

    The last step of the process is to demolish the building. By this time, all the explosives are in place, and we are ready to implode the building.

    Once the implosion is complete, manual work will ensue. We will have contractors clean up the rubble and transport them to specific areas for disposal. There may also be some areas that did not blow up, so we will demolish them manually. This part may involve manual labour or machines.

    By the time this process is done, you can now start the construction process of your new building. The engineer you hire will speak with the demolition contractor in Bendigo to understand what happened. This way, the engineer can plan the construction better.  

    Your Local Demolition Contractor In Bendigo

    Demolition is a difficult task. You need professionals to get this job done. Before you hire, ask the contractor what processes they will employ, as this will help you understand the entire activity.

    You can also give us a call at Australian Construction Services to discuss your needs. We have been in business for over 20 years, and we are experts in all facets of the construction industry. If you give us a call, one of our experts will schedule a meeting with you, and we will definitely visit your site so we can better plan the process.