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Gold Coast Demolition Contractor: What Do We Do At
Australian Construction?

    Today, we are going to talk about what demolition is, along with what you can expect from our team if you hire us for your Gold Coast demolition contractor jobs.

    Once in a while, improvements in construction must be made to keep the facility up and running. Some modifications, however, require the removal of existing infrastructures in order to be completed.

    In these cases, demolition is needed. This is exactly what we can offer you at Australian Construction.

    Unlike common belief, demolition involves a lot more than breaking a building to pieces. Despite being destructive, it still follows a thorough process that will need the expertise of professionals.

    What does demolition mean?

    Demolition, from the root word “demolish”, involves the process of deconstructing an infrastructure, usually buildings, in order to accomplish a specific purpose. The reason may be pure extinguishment, a requirement of additional space, or an accessory to future modifications.

    Either way, the subject of the project will be broken down.

    But why exactly is this needed? Below is an overview of some of the benefits of demolition:

    1. Provides Safer Environment

    Other buildings have health hazards innate in their structure. Some examples of this include factory, chemical-consuming buildings, infrastructures full of inflammable resources, etc.

    Once these are not needed anymore, its removal should be assured in order to avoid possible harm in the future. The demolition of these buildings will benefit both the people in the area and the environment as well.

    2. Eliminates Unnecessary Buildings

    Another advantage of the said process is that it enables landowners to get rid of non-functional buildings and replace them with useful ones. This eliminates wasted space from the equation and adds the essence of functionality at the same time.

    A good example of unnecessary infrastructures may refer to abandoned buildings, wrecked establishments, etc.

    3. Higher Chances for Development

    Because the demolition will bring more useful space, the community that is in will have more chances to build infrastructures that will boost their development. Depending on what they build, they can boost their economy, environmental status, or their appeal as a whole.

    The said process is dependent on a lot of factors like the weather, current structure state, the total mass of the project, and others relating to the possible needs of the chosen demolition method.

    What does a demolition contractor do?

    Moving on, let us now discuss the activities included in the responsibilities of a demolition contractor. There are three main stages included in the process.

    These are:

    1. Pre-Demolition Process

    The pre-demolition process refers to the preparation stage done before moving on to the actual demolition. Here, a detailed plan needs to be drafted for the efficient execution of the demolition process.

    Here are the things needed in this stage:

    Building Analysis

    The first thing that the contractors will need to look at is the building. Its structure, condition, possible hindrances, and others, will be taken into account. This is needed in order to arrive at the necessary resources and the best method for completion.

    This can be done through a thorough observation of the project, and in-depth interviews of the client for more accurate information.

    Removal of Hazardous Resources

    The next sub-process would be the removal of the hazardous resources left inside the building. These include chemicals and waste. Of course, the other materials, like the furniture and fixtures, should also be eliminated in order to avoid hindrances in the process.

    Safety Evaluation

    As demolition is a risky process itself, the method of its execution should also be planned out carefully.

    Here, the contractors should determine all the needs and risks of the project to prevent endangering the environment and other living things in the process.

    2. Demolition Stage

    This next process is where the actual demolition comes in. This is where the execution of the plan made in the preparation stage will be applied. Demolition, however, is not limited to just one method.

    Depending on the completed plan, any one of the following can be used:


    This method requires the use of explosives. Basically, explosives, the type will vary according to the building’s needs, will be installed and loaded within the infrastructure. This can be controlled through electricity, and can be set off either manually, or using a timer. This is best for large buildings that have multiple rooms in need.


    The Excavator method, on the other hand, evidently needs the use of excavators. These are machines that have a claw-like function which can be used in breaking down the building.

    The most important factor to complete this greatly lies on the height and weight of the project. This is limited to up to 300 ft only.

    Wrecking Ball

    The third procedure at hand is the Wrecking Ball. Here, a steel ball controlled by a crane is used to destroy the building. This is an efficient and inexpensive way if you are working under a budget.

    Selective Demolition

    The last on our list refers to Selective Demolition. This uses physical labour and ordinary construction tools in order to demolish the said building. 

    This should be considered if the total removal of the infrastructure is not required. To be specific, this will be required in renovations and remodels.

    It is important to choose the right process in order to yield the desired results. Not doing so can lead to inconvenience and failure of the project.

    3. Post-Demolition Process

    The last stage to deem the demolition project a success is the post-demolition. This is where all the previous activities will be closed and taken care of. This may include activities like clean-up, waste segregation, debris removal, and the likes.

    Our team at Australian Construction assures that each of the steps stated above will be done with utmost care and effort in order to gain the satisfaction of the client.

    Summary: Gold Coast Demolition Contractor

    Demolition is a must if your purpose revolves around the elimination of a specific construction. This will pave the way for new developments and improvements for the infrastructure itself and the community it belongs to.

    The process is a risky one. It requires a lot of resources and expertise, and thus, you need to work with an experienced team in order to guarantee both success and safety. This is what we at Australian Construction promise.

    For other concerns, feel free to contact us by sending a message or giving us a call on 1800 155 881. We will be more than happy to walk you through on what our service is all about and make negotiations if you desire.