Launceston Demolition Contractor By Australian Construction Services


    You may need a demolition contractor in Launceston if you have a business establishment here. The city is a popular spot for tourists—people walk up the gorge to the lake, and they want to see the breeding process of sea horses and sea dragons.

    Today, we want to discuss with you the different types of demolition processes. This should help prepare you should the time comes when you need a demolition contractor.

    1. Implosion

    This is one of the most popular types of demolition, and this is the process that we often see on television. In an implosion, a demolition contractor in Launceston has to use bombs. These bombs must be in strategically selected areas in the building.  

    In an implosion, the bombs will blow, but the building will collapse on itself. There are no projectiles that will shoot, and damage to the property of other people is not a major concern. Take note that this is different from explosion. In an explosion, there are projectiles that will shoot all over the place.

    2. Excavators

    An excavator is a huge machine. It has claws and a powerful engine. The operator will move this claw to destroy the building. Excavators are typical for small apartments in an urban location.

    The excavator has a crane, and the crane is like a hand that the operator guides. Excavators sit on the soil or road, so they are not ideal for demolition processes of tall buildings.

    We are sure you have seen an excavator before. They are the staple construction projects, and they also work great for gathering debris.

    3. Wrecking Ball

    This is another machine that has no other purpose but to destroy a structure. In this machine, a big ball hangs on a crane. The operator controls a powerful engine that swings that ball. Once that ball hits, it does serious damage to the building.

    The wrecking ball was really popular in the 1950s and 1960s. They are flexible machines, and you can use them in demolition projects for tall buildings.

    The balls are made from forged steel. Some may weigh at least 1,000 pounds, but there are wrecking balls that weigh up to 12,000 pounds.

    4. Selective Demolition

    The last type of demolition is a manual one. Here, many contractors will do the job. In selective demolition, you are only demolishing specific areas of a building.

    Since the work is manual, you can expect the labourers to use jack-hammers, sledgehammers, and many other tools. This is a dangerous type of demolition, as debris can fall, and the workers can get hurt.

    Typically, we only do selective demolition for small areas of a building. For example, if you need bathroom renovations, there is no need to get a wrecking ball or a crane. A few people can use sledgehammers to break down the wall, and also use jack-hammers to breakdown the concrete floor.

    Summary: Demolition Contractor in Launceston

    It is not really up to the client to choose which type of demolition process is best. However, you do have a say. The thing is that the engineer you work with knows best.

    Give us a call at Australian Construction to understand this process better. If you are looking forward to demolishing your building, or even just a part of it, one of our experts will speak with you about it.

    You can also fill out the “request quote” form on our website. We will give you a call and talk about your concern. Certainly, we will also pay a visit to your site so we can assess it better.