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Choose The Best Demolition Contractor In Newcastle

    Demolition should be effective and safe. This is our goal as a Newcastle demolition contractor. Today, we’re going to discuss the process and what our team can offer you.

    Demolition is one of the most needed, and at the same time, most unsafe processes in the field of construction. More often than not, this is required to be performed whenever the project involves old infrastructures and filled spaces.

    Taking its significance and risks into account, it’s evident that you should have an experienced team by your side throughout the process. This is not something that you can do by yourself.

    What is a demolition service?

    To simply put it, demolition is a process that involves breaking down buildings, infrastructures, or any construction, in order to remove it from the current work site.

    This may be done to increase an area’s space, to make building replacement more efficient, or to simply redesign a part of an infrastructure.

    Generally, the process of demolition comes in 3 succeeding stages:

    Stage 1: Pre-Demolition Stage

    The pre-demolition stage is the preparatory stage of demolition. Here, the contractors will analyse the needs of the building, its current condition, the requirements of the clients, the budget, being mindful of the client’s deadline. 

    The information that they will get from these will help them build a concrete plan of how the actual demolition process will take place. This will also determine the methods and resources that will be used thereon.

    Stage 2: Demolition Process

    The second stage on our list is the demolition process. This is where all the breaking and physical activities will happen. The things that will be performed here will depend solely on the plan made in the pre-demolition stage.

    It is important that this will go according to what is planned to assure the clients that they will yield their desired results. This is also to make sure that the clients’ expectations will be met.

    Stage 3: Post-Demolition Stage

    Finally, the last step that the contractors will take is the post-demolition stage. Here, all the mess done in the previous process will be taken care of. In this step, the progress will also be reviewed to ensure that no parts are missed, nor are there any flaws left from the demolition contractor in Newcastle.

    This process is usually applied to medium to large-sized constructions that are not within the limits of manual labour. This is organised completed by a team of contractors and demolishers who work together to achieve the said purpose.

    What is the major equipment used in demolition?

    Now that you already have an idea about how demolition is done, let us now go on to the equipment commonly used in the process.

    1. Excavators

    Excavators are used if the demolition is agreed to be done through an excavation method. This is large vehicular type equipment that is designed to dig, lift waste, and/or break buildings depending on the type of excavator used. In demolition, the usual one used is a hydraulic excavator.

    2. Backhoe Loaders

    Backhoe loaders are specifically designed for the demolition of small buildings. This is almost similar to an excavator, except that this is limited to light transportation and shallower hole digging.

    3. Skid Steer Loaders

    For the third equipment, we have the skid steer loaders. This is flexible equipment which can be used in different construction tasks such as excavation, debris removal, and demolition. This is also for small-sized demolition projects.

    4. Wheel Loaders

    Moving on, wheel loaders are used for the purpose of storing and moving building scraps and debris from one place to another. This will help make the demolition process neater and more efficient.

    5. Crawler Loaders

    Crawler loaders have two main purposes. It can be used to transfer certain materials, resources, and even the waste from the building. Another purpose of this is to help break down chunks of infrastructures.

    6. Bulldozers

    The next thing on our list is the bulldozer. This is another popular name in the construction industry. This is used for both waste transportation and building deconstruction. Most of the time, however, this is used for breaking down buildings because of its durability and strength.

    7. Cranes

    Cranes are mostly an accessory to vehicular equipment. This is installed to excavators, bulldozers, and likes in order to extend their reach when it comes to picking up debris. In some cases, steel balls are attached to cranes for greater damage to buildings.

    8. Material Handlers

    Lastly, we have material handlers. This will serve as the storage for all the needed resources and pieces of equipment. Using this will increase the mobility and productivity of the workers at the site.

    Note that the needed resources will still depend on the demolition method chosen by both the clients and the contractors. In some cases, certain bomb types can also be used.

    Why should you choose our service?

    Now, why should you choose our service at Australian Construction?

    Here are the things that we can offer you:

    Professional Contractors

    You can expect that if you work with us, you will be equipped with a team of professional contractors. We are highly skilled and knowledgeable about the process of demolition, along with how to prevent the hazards and risks that come with it.

    On top of this, we also know how to work under time pressure. Feel free to tell us your budget and we can assure you that it will be followed.

    Complete Machinery and pieces of equipment

    Our team has a full set of pieces of machinery and types of equipment on the go. This way, you don’t have to worry about having to provide us with additional resources. We are all for giving our clients the most convenient process possible.

    Guarantees Satisfaction

    Australian Construction assures that all of your wants and requirements will be met. We strive to achieve our clients’ satisfaction in all the aspects of the demolition process and we do our very best to eliminate wasteful spending and avoid costly mistakes.

    The benefits above are just some of the things that you can expect from us. We prioritise our clients and the project above everything so you can rest assured that the process will be nothing short of a success.

    Summary: Newcastle Demolition Contractor

    For more questions, feel free to send us a message or give us a call on 1800 155 881. You can also ask us for consultations if you are not yet sure on whether you need to avail a demolition service or not. Our team at Australian Construction is looking forward to working with your project.