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    Known as the City of Good Sports, a demolition contractor in Wagga Wagga will realise that this profession is in demand. You may need a contractor if you are operating a commercial space, or if you bought a property that needs renovation.

    But what equipment should you look for? Today, we will discuss with you some of the most important machinery that we use in the demolition business. Before you hire a contractor, ask them if they have these things. If they do, then you know that they can do the job.

    1. Hydraulic Excavators

    A hydraulic excavator is a big machine that has attachments. They are the most common equipment you see in a demolition project.

    As an excavator, its main job is to dig the soil and also to pick up rubble. A big machine like this is typical for demolishing structures that are two storeys high. At Australian Construction, we have a 1-tonne or a 100-tonne excavator. Our choice depends on the size of the project.  

    With an excavator, demolishing a building is easier. It is far more efficient than using sledgehammers or jack-hammers. We can even change the attachment with shears if we want to.

    2. Dust Machines

    The demolition process will produce dust and debris. People from neighbouring buildings will not be happy. As such, a demolition contractor in Wagga Wagga has to do something about it.

    To reduce dust, we use a dust boss machine. It is a big machine that suppresses dust. This machine sprays water, turning dust into mud.

    Well, this is a problem, but nothing that water cannot solve. We will use excavators to gather the muddy debris, and then hose the rest of it. Take note that a dust machine only sprays mist, not water like the one you see from a fireman’s hose.  

    3. Concrete Crushers

    Demolition usually entails explosions. Because of this, there are large pieces of concrete after the blast. We need to move the concrete to another location, and we need big machines to transport them.

    The problem is that some pieces are so big that it is a big challenge to move them around. This is where we need concrete crushers. These are big machines where we put in big chunks of concrete. The machine crushes the concrete into manageable sizes.

    From there, we can easily transport the concrete to its final destination.

    4. Wheeled Tippers

    The last machine you need to look for is a wheeled tipper. This is basically a dump truck. This truck receives the load of concrete and debris, and a driver transports them to the disposing area.

    The truck is called a wheeled tipper because its carrier can tip. Instead of having people get the debris piece by piece, the loading dock just tips and the panel opens, thus disposing of the debris.

    Wheeled tippers are essential in a demolition project, as they make debris and collection faster and more efficient.

    Summary: The Best Demolition Contractor In Wagga Wagga

    Give us a call at Australian Construction if you need more advice. One of our experts will speak with you and discuss the importance of these machines.

    You can also use our “request quote” form on our site if you have a demolition job. We will assess your needs and present you with a price. Better yet, we can schedule a visit to your site so we can assess it carefully.

    From there, our engineers will create a plan. We will meet again and then discuss with you the tools we will use. From there, we can negotiate the timeline, price, and start on the project.