Earthworks Contractor In Bendigo: Why Choose Australian Construction?

Bendigo Earthworks Contractor

Bendigo Earthworks Contractor

    In a city as famous as Bendigo, we understand why there is a demand for putting up new construction. If you need an earthworks contractor in Bendigo, look no further. We at Australian Construction are always ready to provide you with construction needs.

    Today, we’d like to share with you some of the tools that we use in the earthworks business. In the end, we are hoping that you would see why our company is one that you should seriously consider in this line of work.

    You have to choose our company because we have the right tools. As you know by now, earthworks are no longer about getting shovels and digging. Projects get bigger and bigger, so we need the right machines to get the job done.

    1. Excavators 

    These are big machines that we use for digging. They have a “scoop” that allows us to remove soil efficiently. Excavators are great because they are powerful.

    An excavator has a boom, a dipper, and a bucket. The bucket is the part that picks up soil and debris. The rotating platform, also called the house, is where the driver sits.

    Excavators are expensive. It is not unusual that many contractors have to rent it. But with us, we own our excavators. What this entails is that we can dedicate these machines to your project so you will not experience any delay.

    2. Backhoes

    Backhoes are like excavators, but the buckets are inverted. They are generally smaller, and we use them for smaller projects. No, they are not ideal for demolition, which we also do. For demolition, we use our excavators.

    Backhoes are best used for removing tree stumps. We typically use them for moving earth, or for digging a trench. Essentially, it is the best machine for moving materials, breaking asphalt from the ground.

    3. Bulldozers

    Third, on our list is bulldozers. These are big machines that many people also call “crawler.” It has a metal blade at the front, and its main function is to push material.

    After digging with the backhoe or excavator, there will be a significant amount of soil and debris lying around. We temporarily have to place them somewhere on the construction site. This is where we use the bulldozer.

    4. Attachments

    There are many attachments that serve specific purposes. Below are some:

    • Grabber – this one looks like a claw. We use this to grab trees and vegetation. Depending on the number of obstacles, we may use this one instead of a backhoe. On many occasions, this works faster than digging.
    • Hammers – sometimes, there are types of soil that are rocky. We need to pound the soil to remove the rock underneath. It is in this situation that we use a hammer. This hammer is not the one that a carpenter uses. It is an attachment that we use to break down large rocks into smaller pieces.
    • Trencher – this is a kind of digging machine that we use for digging trenches. A trench is pretty much a deep excavation that is somewhat straight. We dig trenches for sewage systems, irrigation systems, and when the government has to lay down pipes for water distribution.

    Summary: Earthworks Contractor in Bendigo

    Bendigo is a bustling city with galleries and museums. It even has a gold mine. Soon, this part of the region will be a primary location for tourists to visit. As such, we believe that there is a lot of room for business growth here—and all communities start with earthworks.

    If you need earthworks construction, give us a call. One of our experts will speak with you about your needs. We will also schedule an ocular inspection of your site. If we see your area of construction, we can better assess the soil and provide you with a better plan.

    If you need the price quote now, you can also use our website. We have a “request quote” that you can use. Just give us the details and we will get back to you shortly.