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Earthworks Contractor In Brisbane: Do You Need One?

    Just because you can dig does not mean you should. You’ll need Brisbane earthworks contractor experts to do this. The earth is sturdy but disturbing it the wrong way can cause catastrophic problems.

    And this is especially so in Brisbane, a thriving and highly-populated city of the peninsula of a river. The soil here is not the same as the soil inland.  

    If you have a commercial project, you need an earthworks contractor. No, your building engineer is not enough. Working on the soil is not the same thing as putting something on it. Today, we will be discussing some crucial things you need to know about earthworks contractors.

    What is earthworks engineering? 

    Earthworks engineering is the process of changing the earth’s surface. It also includes processing parts of the earth.

    Many people think that earthwork contractors only work with mining. This could not be farther from the truth. Any form of digging on land is an earthwork contractor’s job. Some are easy to do, like basements of residential houses, but big projects like condominiums with basements require the specialisation of an earthwork engineer.

    Here are some examples of earthwork jobs:

    • Earth anchor
    • Slurry walls
    • Digging basements
    • Trenches and shorting
    • Grout curtain
    • Dams

    As you can see, there are many types of earthwork contractor jobs. In many tall buildings, you need an earthwork specialist to determine the area where you want to build on and can support your structure. A typical civil engineer is not adequate enough to do this. You need an earthwork specialist.

    Earthwork Excavations for earthwork contracts

    To understand better whether you need an earthwork contractor or not, you need to identify what kind of job they specifically do.

    Here is a list of what you can expect from them:

    • Topsoil excavation – usually done for building projects; in this process, the engineers will remove a layer of the earth. They do this if there is vegetation and if there is the decaying matter, both of which makes the soil not suitable for buildings.
    • Earth excavation – this is a kind of project where you want to construct foundations. In this kind of earthwork job, the contractor has to remove material beneath the topsoil. It is a necessary engineering practice to provide a good foundation for a structure.
    • Rock excavation – this is required if you want to dig rocks that cannot be removed by drilling and explosives. This is often done in areas where the topsoil and earth are shallow, and they sit on top of bedrock.
    • Muck excavation – some areas are soft, and these things have to be removed because they are wet. Because the soil is wet, it is not ideal for stockpiling materials, especially so if you are building a tall structure.

    One thing we’d like to include in this list is trench excavation. In this type of excavation, the digging is focused on the length and not the depth. Trenches are typically less than six meters deep, and a good example is an irrigation system.

    Why do you need an earthwork contractor in Brisbane?

    You cannot just dig. There are laws stating that only qualified engineers should do. These are digging activities that have an impact not only on the ecology and the environment but also to the safety of the people.

    Here are some of the most common situations where an earthwork engineer is necessary:

    • Road construction – a road is not about merely putting asphalt or concrete. The type of soil has to be analysed. The analysis will tell the engineers what kind of road to build and how to build it.
    • Railway beds – trains are heavy, and putting rails on the soil is not as easy as it looks. The soil has to be tight and tough enough to carry the weight of the train. Otherwise, an accident is bound to occur.
    • Causeways and dams – dams are deep excavations that hold water. Digging the soil has to be done after careful analysis to ensure that when the dam is filled with water, the soil will not collapse and fall apart.

    Canals also require the speciality of an earthworks engineer. More importantly, you need an earthworks contractor if you are putting up a structure.

    For a small residential project like a house, you may not need an earthworks contractor. Typically, the foundation of a house is just about six feet. Many construction firms have resident civil engineers who have the license and the skill to dig this deep.

    However, large projects require better specialisation. In case you do not know, earthwork jobs are typically outsourced to another company. The group that digs the soil in preparation of a tall building is not the same group as the one that is going to build it.

    Summary: Earthwork contractor in Brisbane

    If you have a project that is huge, such as a building a dam, an irrigation system, or putting up a tall structure, you need an earthwork contractor from the team here at Australian Construction Services. Give us a call on 1800 155 881 so we can discuss what you need.

    Here are the things we can do for you:

    • Consulting services
    • Soil analysis
    • Digging for structural soil
    • Rock excavation
    • Digging four public works
    • Basement and bunker digging
    • Site excavation
    • Digging for irrigation systems and retention ponds

    We are fully equipped and licensed to do this job. At Australian Construction, we have what it takes to determine if the soil you want your establishment built on can support your planned building. We have the equipment to make things happen, and we can make it happen as per schedule.

    Give us a call if you have questions. Digging is not a simple thing. The earth is made of different materials, and understanding it is the first step to successful construction. At Australian Construction, we offer a guarantee of top-of-the-line earthwork construction services.

    We are prepared to meet with you and understand your end goals and the scope of your project. Our engineers will meet with you, and then we will provide a project plan. If you are not sure whether you need an earthwork contractor Brisbane and surrounding areas, let us know and we will shed light on the matter.