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Bunbury Earthworks Contractor

Bunbury Earthworks Contractor

    As a port city, Bunbury is a magnet for the tourism industry. You may need an earthworks contractor in Bunbury one of these days if you want to take advantage of the growing tourism business here.

    With mangroves and parklands, there are many adventures that tourists can choose from. But what services can you expect from an earthworks contractor? Today, we will show you three that are the most important.

    Excavation Services

    Although earthworks encompass many types of tasks in the construction industry, the most common is excavation. We dig the soil according to the depth that the engineers require.

    Digging is not an easy thing to do. There are many types of soil, and the digging process must be in conjunction with it. This is why we also offer soil assessment services.

    Here are some examples of the excavation services that we do:

    • Removing debris
    • Removal of tree stumps
    • Land clearing procedures
    • Digging for foundations
    • De-watering the ground
    • Trenches for sewage lines and pipelines
    • Moving the earth
    • Drilling holes and tunnels

    A good contractor must also have the right equipment to do this. Examples of these are excavators, backhoes, and bulldozers. If the contractor does not possess these machines, you may experience certain delays.

    Damming Services

    Some people think that this is not a commercial project—that only governments do this. Well, some private parks have small dams. Some make ponds for parks.

    For damming, we work mostly on large-scale projects. You need dams if you want to produce electricity. And if you do, you need to dig.

    This is dangerous work because the soil can collapse. However, we at Australian Construction are experts in this. We have been in business for over 20 years.

    Damming is a combined effort of digging and compacting the soil. The end goal is to be able to control water from coming in or out. Be it spillways, terraces, or diversion drains, we can do it for you.  

    Boring and Clearing Services

    This kind of digging has something to do with tunnels. There is a proper way to do this, and you must only hire contractors who know this process.

    Tunnels are great for sewage pipelines, trains, and many other things.

    Here are some examples of you can use this service:

    • Hydrology and agriculture projects
    • Civil engineering projects
    • Extraction of rocks and soil samples that are deep
    • Mineral and oil exploration
    • Engineering support for your project

    As an earthworks contractor in Bunbury, we can also dig for you if you are prospecting. We have engineers who understand lithology. As such, you can depend on us if you need to get started on mining.

    Summary: Earthworks Contractor in Bunbury

    These three are just basic services that you must expect from a contractor. Without a doubt, we are highly qualified to do all of these, and so much more.  

    If you have further questions, give us a call at Australian Construction. Our phone number is listed on our site. One of our experts will discuss your needs and provide clarity if you have questions.

    You also have the option to send us a message and request a quote. Just sign up on our request quote form and give us the details about your project.

    Better yet, why don’t we schedule a site visit? We will go to your site so we can take a good look. If we do this, our engineers can do a better job at assessing your site. After the visit, we will create a plan as to how we will go about your earthworks project.

    From there, we can get started, negotiate, or re-draw the plans as you deem fit.