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Services From Your Local Darwin Earthworks Contractor

    If you have a project, the first thing you need to assess is the soil. We do this as a Darwin’s premier earthworks contractor company. 

    From there, you can determine what kind of structure you can build. Be it a road, sewage system, dam, road, a house or a high-rise establishment, a lot of things need to be done to prepare the ground. 

    Building is not about merely placing the foundation. It requires more than that because not all types of soil are created equal. 

    This is what you can expect from us here at Australian Construction. Today, we’ll discuss in detail the services that we do. Should you find one that fits your needs, give us a call and we will discuss your project further. 

    Excavation services in Darwin

    One of the most basic jobs that you need an earthwork contractor for is excavation. Be it a lake or a building that you are trying to make, you need heavy equipment that will dig through the soil. You will also need this service if you are digging up a public pool or building a playground. 

    Digging is also important if you plan to build a basement. But excavation is also needed in other projects, not just in houses.

    In the construction business, excavation is an important aspect of laying the foundations of anything. At Australian Construction, we provide excavation services for a multitude of reasons. We also dig trenches, and we have specialised equipment for that. 

    So, if you are planning to build a condominium unit, a sewage system, or if you want to lay down pipes, we can do the excavation for you. There are many stages to the excavation process, and we will ensure that we are compliant to all codes issued by the Darwin government to keep everyone safe.

    Land Clearing

    Sometimes, the land that you buy has vegetation. Some have small buildings that you want to demolish. Demolitions are not part of our service but we can clear the land once the buildings are turned to rubbish. 

    We have all the required heavy machinery to get the job done such as excavators and backhoes. We own all of our equipment and therefore keep it in top condition to ensure they are ready take on the heavy lifting. The larger machines are called loaders. They are primarily used to gather soil, rock, and debris so they can easily be moved to the dump trucks. 

    We also do clearing of vegetation. On many occasions, the trees are cut but the stumps are left behind. If requested by our client we will remove any obtrusive stumps. Clearing tree stumps is not something you can do manually. You need backhoes like ours to uproot these trees. 

    Rock Removal Services

    Some soils are on top of rocks. One problem many engineers face is how to get this rock out of the way. We have the right equipment to do just that. We will not only remove the rock from under the soil, but we will also process it. 

    Rock removal is crucial because you cannot dig a foundation if the rock is there. Many high-rise buildings need really deep foundation systems. There is no going around this problem but to remove the rocks. If left behind, they can cause instability to the structure. 

    Waste Removal and Recycling

    If your project does not require filling, then the soil and rocks have to move somewhere. We at Australian Construction offer the service of taking the debris, soil, and rock away from the job site. 

    We will recycle what we can and reuse materials and substances where possible, so nothing is left to waste. Protecting the environment is at the core of our company ethos. We have the proper equipment to gather the excess materials from the job site which we’ll then deposit into the correct locations.

    Embankment and Filling

    Some job sites do not require excavation. Instead, the project needs more soil. This is one of the many ways we can help you. 

    Australian Construction is not just in the service to dig. We also import and export a range of soils. We also know the proper procedure to fill your site with new soil or rock depending on your needs. 

    If you require land modifications for the purpose of an artificial lake, we have the expertise and know how to create the embankment for it. Excavation holes and soil filling is just one of many services we provide. We also have compactors that will roll over the soil to make it tight and sturdy. 

    Environmental remediation 

    Environmental remediation is a process where you remove pollutants. This includes soil, groundwater sediment, and many more. We are compliant with regulations and we fully understand the environmental and health hazards of improperly disposing of waste material.

    We will start this process with a site assessment. Our team of engineers will begin to understand the scope of the hazard and we can plan from there.  

    Once the scope is laid out, our team of operators will go to the site with the appropriate machinery, and we will dispose of the hazardous materials, complying with all Australian health and safety standards

    Soil Grading

    Our engineers can also grade soil  so they know how hard or soft the soil is. Not all geographic locations have hard soil which unfortunately means not all locations are suitable for high-rise buildings

    So what is soil grading? 

    Soil grading consists of first analysing the particle sizes in the soil. This helps us understand different engineering properties. Examples might be considering the sheer strength of the soil,, hydraulic conductivity and other factors. 

    Soil grading is one of the basic expectations in geo-technical engineering. If graded properly, we will know exactly what the soil is capable of and whether it can be used for drainage and or other applications. 

    Summary: Services from Darwin Earthworks Contractor

    At Australian Construction we offer a wide range of construction services in Darwin and we are one of the few companies in Australia that offer a full suite of earthwork contracting jobs. 

    Give us a call on 1800 155 881 today and we will discuss your project. We can offer an inspection, visit your site, and let you know what service packages we can offer you after a site walk through. We are an Australian company that not only services Darwin, but also other key cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and more.