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Geelong Earthworks Contractor

Geelong Earthworks Contractor

    Geelong has many surf-friendly beaches. While the city is still in transition, it does offer a lot of opportunities for tourism. This is why you may need an earthworks contractor in Geelong one of these days—you need it for building construction projects.

    But what services can you expect from an earthworks contractor? There are so many to list, so we will only discuss some of the most common ones today.

    Rock Removal

    Some lands have many rocks. And when we say rocks, we are not talking about pebbles but big boulders. While you can retain some, you have to remove most of them so you can build a structure.

    The same thing goes underground. If there are many rocks underneath, we need to remove them so you can lay the foundations properly.

    Rock removal is essential, but you can only do it with the right machinery. We have everything we need to get this job done—we got big machines that will do the heavy lifting. Examples of these are backhoes, trenchers, excavators and bulldozers.

    Waste Removal

    Some projects do not need backfilling. However, the excess soil and rocks that we took away have to go somewhere. This is where we come in. We will take care of disposing of these excess materials.

    The government has provisions for proper construction disposal. There are specific areas where we are allowed to dump soil and rocks.

    Both of these will still have value. There are many companies that crush rocks. They use the rocks on other projects, like building dams and walls.

    After disposing of these things, you can now proceed with building your structure. Again, make sure you hire a contractor that has the proper machinery to facilitate this disposal.

    Embankment and Filling

    Some areas have soil that has air pockets. In cases like this, we need to compact the soil. This means that we have to press it, so it becomes hard. This process is called backfilling

    Typically, we do backfill after digging. We also do this for the embankment. An embankment is a process where we put soil at the side of a body of water. An example of this is a dam or an irrigation system. This process ensures that the water does not overflow.

    Environmental re-mediation

    As earthworks contractor, we also remove pollutants from the environment. What does this mean? It refers to groundwater sediment.

    What we do is to identify if the earth has health hazards. We do a site assessment, and then our team of experts will report their findings.

    The next step in the process is to dig. This is where our excavators will come in. We will remove the areas of the soil that pose a threat. It is also our duty to dispose of this soil properly.

    Before you can do this, you need a permit from the government. The permit can only be granted to a licensed contractor like us.

    Summary: Earthworks Contractor in Geelong

    Digging soil, clearing land—there are so many tasks that involve an earthworks contractor. If you are not sure whether you need one or not, give us a call at Australian Construction.

    We have been in this business for 20 years. Not only do we specialise in earthworks, but we are also experts in all facets of the construction industry.

    Give us a call so we can discuss your project. We will visit your site and inspect it. After that, we can proceed with discussing what you need. Our engineers will assess the situation and the project, and then they will come back to you with a plan.