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The Best Option For An Earthworks Contractor On The Gold Coast

    Gold Coast earthworks contractor services and engineering deserve more credit than what people give. To many individuals, it seems like earthwork construction is nothing more than digging soil. 

    It is actually more complicated than that. Earthwork is a primary task that involves the removal and processing of soil. This engineering task is often seen in projects such as building a structure, a dam or excavating holes. 

    But why should you choose Australian Construction? Today, we will show you why we are the premier option for earthwork construction on the Gold Coast. 

    We have the right tools 

    Digging for earthworks is not like digging for a backyard garden. There is a lot going on, and the right construction tools are necessary to get the job done right. From mini-cranes to trenchers, we have the right tool for the job.  

    We have huge excavators that will dig. They are like cranes, and they are the best machines to use for digging holes. These excavators that we use also have the right attachments. For example, we have excavators that have long arms, which allows them to dig from a water body while the vehicle is at the shore.  

    If the situation necessitates, we also have several loaders. Loaders are machines that you use if you want to excavate materials that are heavy. In some sites, we dig rocks. The loaders are capable of bearing the weight of these things, including cement and rocky soil

    As experts in the field, we also have various attachments. Here are some examples: 

    • Grabber – it looks like a claw and it allows our workers to grab trees. It can also be used to grab other types of vegetation. This works faster than digging and uprooting them.
    • Hammers – great for rocky soil that needs to get pounded. Sometimes, there are large rocks under the soil, and you have to break them down into smaller pieces. Our machines can be equipped with hammers that can break the soil. This process can make it easier to proceed with the digging and transportation of the debris.
    • Trencher – the trencher is what you need if you want to dig long trenches. If your project involves creating irrigation systems, then we have you covered.  

    As you can see, we have a complete arsenal of mean machines that will get the job done. Choose a company that does not only dig the soil. Choose one that can do it efficiently with various machines.

    We offer a multitude of services

    We do not only dig. As earthwork experts, we offer many types of services for large projects. Below are a few examples.

    • Site clearance – not all lands are cleared for construction. It is possible that you bought a property where something was already built before. In this case, you need to clear this site before you can start building. In this service, we will remove trees and other obstruction found on your land.
    • Excavation – this is the task that many earthwork contractors are known for. However, we do not just dig. Instead, we dig with a purpose. We can dig trenches and do other types of excavation. We can also remove rocks that are underneath the soil, and this is great for construction projects where you need to dig deep for your foundations.
    • Military applications – we know how to create fortifications made from soil. If you are preparing a training area for the military, whether as a contractor or sub-contractor, you can give us a call and we can discuss a project like this.
    • Transportation – you need earthwork experts to help you out before you can build things for transportation. In such cases, we can support projects for roadways, tunnels, and bridges. These are all important aspects of transportation construction, especially if you are constructing drainage and sewage systems.
    • Landscaping – we do large-scale landscaping projects. An example is if you are building a public park. We can dig the property and help you level the soil, remove soil, or add more. We can also move earth from one spot to another—we can create a pond for you or make a man-made hill.  

    We also do dams. We can dig deep enough for your dam construction, and help you expedite your project completion.

    Do you really need an earthwork contractor?

    Yes, you do. The process of digging levelling and moving soil is not simple. It has an impact on the environment, and the strength of your structure relies on the stability of the soil.

    We have a team of engineers that can assist in analysing what needs to be done on your property to prevent delays and mishaps later on.

    We have several engineers who will plan this project with you. We do not just go and dig. We carefully lay out a plan and present it to you. Usually, we do this in two phases. The first art is to remove the peat from the site if required, and then we can move on to the cut and fill activities.

    We will also report any anomalies that we see. This way, your own engineers can assess if there is a need to change the plans in your construction.

    Whether you are digging a pool, a park, building a high-rise, a dam, or irrigation systems, you can count on us. We have the right tools and skills, and experience to make things work. We are also very particular with timeliness, as we understand that construction cannot fully commence until all procedures have been addressed in the correct order.

    Summary: Gold Coast Earthworks Contractors

    You can only choose an earthwork contractor once. After signing the contract, the last thing you want is to replace your current contractor for failing.

    Give us a call on 1800 155 881 and let us talk about what you need. Our resident experts will consult with you, understand that scope of your project, and then schedule a meeting or ocular inspection with you. Once this phase is completed, we can now discuss when we can start the project, and then proceed to get it done.