The Most Trusted Earthworks Contractor In Launceston

Launceston Earthworks Contractor

Launceston Earthworks Contractor

    Launceston is a place that people visit because of the gorge to the lake. This is where people can see how we breed seahorses. We know that Launceston is gearing towards tourism. As such, you may need an earthworks contractor in Launceston one of these days.

    Before you hire one, you must know what services to expect. Today, we at Australian Construction will provide you with some ideas about these services. In the end, you will know whether you need a contractor for earthworks or not.

    Excavation Services

    Excavation is a process of digging. However, this is not as simple as getting shovels and getting to work. There are many types of soil, and we also have to dig the right depth.

    Almost all projects require excavation. Whether you are building a dam, a pond, or a house, we need to dig. The thing is that you cannot dig with common tools. To do this job right, you need the right equipment.

    These machines are huge, and you may have already seen some of them. Some examples of these are excavators, backhoes, and bulldozers.

    There are also laws about digging, so you have to hire a contractor who knows the building code. From digging to disposal, all of these are the responsibilities of the contractor.

    Land Clearing Services

    Sometimes, the land you buy has trees, vegetation, and big boulders of rock. These things are obtrusive to the construction process, so you have to remove them.

    Uprooting a tree is difficult, and so is removing rocks. You need the service of an earthworks contractor to do this. Like the first service we mentioned, this involves the use of heavy machinery.

    At Australian Construction, we provide complete services for this. We do not just chop down trees, but we also remove the stump. For big rocks, we also take care of the disposal. We take them to quarries or areas where we can legally dump them.

    Waste Removal Services

    After clearing the land, you should not be surprised that there is debris all over the place. You cannot start construction with all of this dirt and bushes lying around.

    You need an earthworks contractor to remove the waste, which includes leaves, bushes, and excess soil. Typically, we do this after the land clearing process, but we also do this after the excavation.

    Some projects require digging of several metres. Some may even hit the bedrock. As such, there are many rocks and excess soil that we have to put somewhere else. This is where our services come in—we remove the waste and dispose of them properly.

    Embankment and Filling Services

    The embankment is a process that you need if you are building a dam. In this process, we put a lot of soil beside the body of water. On some occasions, it is a project that has something to do with environmental preservation.  

    Filling, on the other hand, is what you do after laying the foundation. Surely, there are areas that we need to cover with soil. What we do is to get soil and fill the gaps. From there, we compact it to remove air pockets.

    Summary: Earthworks Contractor in Launceston

    There are many types of jobs that an earthworks contractor can do. Depending on the project, the contractor may not have to do all of these.

    If you need more help, give us a call at Australian Construction now. We will be more than happy to answer your inquiries. You can also get an estimate about your project if you want to. Just fill out the “request quote” form on our website.