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Newcastle’s Premier Choice For An Earthworks Contractor

    Earthworks contracting always go hand in hand with civil engineering. This is a service we do as your local earthworks contractor in Newcastle. Everything that you have to build is built on the soil. And this is where we come in.

    Whether you are building a huge residential subdivision or a dam, Australian Construction is the premier choice in the region.

    But what do we do, and why should you choose us? Today, we will discuss with you what services you must expect from an earthworks contractor.


    Excavation is a normal prerequisite of building any structure. You need a solid foundation for your building, and this has to be deep.

    The thing with excavation is that it is not as simple as digging. It has to be done right, or it is going to collapse. Excavation is mainly done to clear the land and dig deep enough so you can lay down your metal and concrete foundations.

    A good contractor like us should have the right equipment to do this. At Australian Construction, we employ the use of heavy machineries such as excavators and backhoes. The excavator is mainly used for digging, but the back-hoe’s main purpose is to pull out tree stumps or rocks embedded on the soil.

    Our excavation services are great for the following:

    • Digging for foundations
    • Removing debris or land clearing
    • Trenches for sewage lines and pipelines
    • De-watering the ground
    • Moving the earth
    • Drilling holes and tunnels

    As you can see, we are prepared to dig and clear the land for any project that you have. We specialise in large-scale projects such as subdivisions, government construction requirements such as building roads and preparing the trench for underground structures.

    Land Grading

    Land grading is a process where you level the soil. This is done to ensure that the soil is intact and strong enough. The way it works is that dirt from high spots are taken off, and it is used to fill the areas that are low. This is also called “cut and fill.”

    So, why do you need to get this done? For one, this ensures that the surface is flat. This is a basic requirement for building structures.

    Here are some more reasons why land grading is necessary:

    • Foundation – it ensures that the metal and concrete foundations underground are sitting at flat surfaces.
    • Plantation – land has to be levelled to ensure that you can plant on them with the use of planting machinery
    • Slopes – in some areas, the land has to be sloped to provide for adequate drainage systems.

    The kind of land grading that we will do for you depends on your project. We have the right equipment to make it happen, and we can guarantee that we can grade the land as per time-lines.

    Landscaping terrains

    Landscaping is a little similar to land grading. However, this process is mostly used for situations where you are building a park.

    Here are some examples:

    • Zoo – you want to have slopes in the zoo to give it a “mountain” feel
    • Small cities – there are large-scale projects where business communities will build several high-rise and mid-rise structures. This requires the right earthworks contractor to landscape the entire business district—from roads to foundation and levelling.
    • Theme parks – you need landscaping services to make sure that the planned design will sit comfortably on the soil. Like zoos, this requires proper excavation, levelling, and sloping of the land.

    Landscaping is basically architectural in nature. It is like building a huge garden where you have to change the orientation of the land.


    Dams are built to take advantage of the water. They are used to produce electricity, and they require a lot of digging.

    In damming, you need earthworks contractors not only to dig but also to distribute the soil where you do not want the water to enter. As such, damming is a combination of excavation and land grading services, which we at Australian Construction can provide you.

    There are several types of earthworks that you have to consider. The digging depends on the type of dams that you will build. We know how to dig ponds, canals, and others.

    As engineers ourselves, we also understand different dam designs.

    Here are some examples:

    • Level sills
    • Spillways
    • Spreader and contour banks
    • Diversion drains
    • Terraces

    For projects like this, we have all the heavy machinery required such as bulldozers, rollers, loaders, excavators, backhoes, graders, and so much more.

    Boring and Clearing

    Another service we offer is boring and clearing. This is great if your project requires tunnels. Boring land is used in many types of structures, including those that dig oil.

    Here are some examples of you can use this service:

    • Civil engineering projects
    • Hydrology and agriculture projects
    • Extraction of rocks and soil samples that are deep
    • Engineering support for your project
    • Mineral and oil exploration

    We can also do this if you are prospecting. We do understand lithology, and we can provide you with the groundwork for mining.  

    If you are building a tall structure, then we also suggest that we provide you with our boring services. This way, we can understand what is below the ground. Once we give you the samples, you can then proceed in analysing the soil. From there, you will know if it has contaminants that can affect animals and humans.  

    Summary: Newcastle Earthworks Contractor

    We know what it takes to get the job done. At Australian Construction, we have completed dozens of large-scale projects that we are proud of.

    If you need any kind of earthwork contractor service, give us a call. We are comprised of a team of engineers and experts with more than a hundred years of cumulative experience. Together, we shall make your plans come to fruition.

    Give us a call so we can discuss your project. Our resident experts will speak with you to understand your needs. We will also go and visit the site, get samples of the soil, and give you a professional grading. From there, we can discuss the full scope of the project and create time-lines of completion.