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Choosing The Best Earthworks Contractor In Perth

    Now that you have land to build on, the next logical step is to prepare what is called the groundwork. It is what a Perth earthworks contractor does. Your engineers know this, but what they do not tell you is what this is needed.

    Here at Australian Construction services, we want to provide visibility with what we do. We specialise in what is called earthworks.

    Today, we will not only tell you what we do, but we will provide you with information on why you should choose us.

    What is earthworks? 

     If you have seen bulldozers and heavy equipment digging and flattening the soil, then you have seen what we do. Earthworks is work pertaining to the removal of ground material or soil in preparation for construction.

    Here are some examples:

    • Digging
    • Grading
    • Moving
    • Processing
    • Breaking

    Not all types of soil are made equal. What we do is critical for the building or any structure. We do not only dig, but we also assess if the soil can hold your planned structure.

    Whether it is a subdivision, a road, or a high-rise project, Australian Construction is the name to call for earthworks.

    Basic Services of Earthworks Contractor

    Normally, the only thing that people see is the bulldozer that is clearing the land. What many realise is that we actually do more than that. In this section, we will explain three types of services that you can expect from us.

    Soil Classification

    In this part of the earthworks project, our geo-technical engineer will analyse your soil. The sample from the ground will allow our specialist to determine what kind of foundation is needed for your house. Our engineer will also provide you with the suggested depth of your foundation.

    This is a crucial part of the earthworks task in Perth. It allows you to take safety precautions and incorporate that in your building plans before the structure is put in place. Our engineers will also tell you what you may encounter as you work on the project.

    Once the soil analysis is completed, we are ready to move on to the next phase, which is called the site works.

    The site works include what is called site scrape, or an activity where organic matter is taken of the land like trees. It also includes the removal of the surplus topsoil and compacting the soil once the clean up is completed.

    Site Survey

    The site survey is not just about measuring the size of the land. It is an activity where we will determine that the property borders are correct. The people who execute this are also engineers. Once the survey is complete, they will provide vertical and horizontal plans, and this will be approved by the government.

    Why is this important? It is important so you can comply with the law. If the boundaries are clear, you will not have problems later on about insurance and property disputes.

    The ultimate goal of Australian Construction

    Our company is dedicated to service and safety. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the structure you build will function as it should—and this has something to do with where it sits.

    As earthworks contractors, we know that this is a crucial part of civil engineering. There are many things you may want to do with the land.

    Here are some examples:

    • Modification of natural slopes
    • Forming of canals
    • Digging of irrigation and sewage systems
    • Land reclamation
    • Reservoirs and dams

    As you can see, you cannot just dig into the soil. A lot of engineering skills have to be put in place to determine how suitable that land is for your project. If it is not suitable, then we are here to provide you with our recommendation on how you can reinforce the soil to make your structure stand. 

    The heavy equipment used in earthworks

    The most common type of heavy machinery that people see in earthworks job sites is the bulldozer. This, of course, is just one of the most basic machines that we use.

    Here are some more examples of machines that we use:

    Excavators – these are the big machines that have something like a spoon or a cup in front. They are mainly used to dig into the soil. Excavators are a common sight at earthworks sites. Excavators have long and powerful arms and attachments that also transport rocks and other debris.

    Backhoe – this one looks like an excavator, but the attachment is reversed. It digs soil towards the operator. Apart from digging, this is mainly used for uprooting tree stumps. Backhoes are also great for removing any kind of vegetation from the land.

    Trenchers – the trencher is mainly used for digging trenches. Usually, this is used for sewage and drainage systems, including irrigation systems for farmlands. At Australian Construction, we have two types of trenchers. We will provide you with the right kind of trencher depending on your project. You can use this service also if your project has something to do with laying pipelines, telecommunication wires underground, and laying cables.

    Loaders – loaders are the big machines that pick up the debris and pour them in dump trucks. They are fast and can pick up not just soil and vegetation, but also heavy rocks.  

    We also have bulldozers and compactors. Bulldozers are machines used to scrape the topsoil. It is also great for distributing soil evenly. On the other hand, a compactor is a big machine that flattens and tightens the soil—it is great if you are constructing a subdivision or a road.

    At Australian Construction, we have all the kinds of machines that you could possibly need. What this means is that there will be no delays in the project. A company like us that has a wide range of heavy machinery can get the job done faster.  

    Summary: Earthworks Contractor in Perth

    We here at Australian Construction know what it takes to deliver the best service in earthworks. As earthworks contractors, we not only provide service, but we also carefully assess the needs of our clients. Give us a call now and we can discuss your project in Perth. We have a team of experts ready to be of service to you.