Earthworks Contractor On The Sunshine Coast & Surrounds

Sunshine Coast Earthworks Contractor

Sunshine Coast Earthworks Contractor

    The Sunshine Coast is one of the best places to visit in the world, and it is also a great place to live in. In due time, people will be flocking here. It is not unusual for real estate companies to look for an earthworks contractor on the Sunshine Coast.

    But why do you need one, and what is it exactly? Today, we will be providing an overview of what earthworks is about. This should give you an idea of why you need to hire experts for this job.

    What is earthworks? 

    Earthworks is an engineering process. The goal is to change the earth’s surface. We can do this in many ways, but the most common that you see is through digging. 

    As you know, not all types of soil are the same. Some types are hard enough to support high-rise structures, and then there are soft types. 

    Earthworks are not only about mining, as some people would like to believe. Any kind of study about the earth is earthworks, and any kind of digging also belongs to this industry. 

    We dig the soil to lay down the foundation of a building. Some dig soil because they need a basement for the house. While these things may seem normal, digging soil for high-rise and mid-rise buildings is more complicated. You need an earthworks contractor to do this.  

    For further information, here are some more examples of earthworks: 

    • Earth anchor
    • Digging basements
    • Trenches and shorting
    • Slurry walls
    • Dams
    • Grout curtain

    Earthworks is a primary component of making sure that the building will stand. Tall buildings need a special kind of work. A civil engineer may have knowledge about this type of job, but an expert in the field will do you a better service. 

    Common Types of Earthworks 

    Here are some of the most common types of earthworks for a job site:

    • Topsoil Excavation – this is an excavation process for buildings. We dig a layer of the earth, but not deep enough. Essentially, we are just removing vegetation.  
    • Soil Excavation – this is the actual digging where we prepare the soil for foundations. We need to remove material not just on the earth’s surface but underneath it. 
    • Rock Excavation – in this job, we remove layers of rocks under the soil. We do this if the building’s foundation has to sit on top of the bedrock.
    • Muck Excavation – here, we remove soft areas of the soil. We replace them with a better type of soil that can hold the building together. 

    We also do excavation for trenches. If you have seen waterworks and sewage systems, you may have observed that there is a deep trench. An earthworks contractor is the one that does that. 

    At Australian Construction, we do large scale projects for any kind of earthworks. We work with government offices for big projects, and we also do residential and commercial earthworks jobs. 

    Summary: Earthworks Contractor on the Sunshine Coast

    If you need more help, just give us a call at Australian Construction. We are experts in this area, along with all facets of the construction industry.

    One of our experts will speak with you if you call. If you need a quote, you can either contact us or use the “request quote” form here on our site.

    Once we understand what you need, we will develop a plan. Better yet, we can schedule a meeting and visit your site. We will get samples of the soil, and then analyse them in our lab. After that, we will present our analysis, along with the price quote for the project.