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Toowoomba Earthworks Contractor

Toowoomba Earthworks Contractor

    As the largest inland city in Australia, Toowoomba is a major centre of commerce and education. As such, there is always land development here. You may need an earthworks contractor in Toowoomba at some point.

    But before you hire one, you must know what services you should expect from this type of contractor. Today, we at Australian Construction will explain what these basic services are.

    Soil Classification

    This is a process where we determine the type of soil in your land. We have a technical engineer who specialises in soil. What we will do is to take a sample of the soil. This includes digging a small chunk of the land.

    Soil classification is an important process. With this, we will know if the soil is soft or not. It can tell us what kind of building can stand on the soil.

    Once we know how hard the soil is, our engineer can calculate the depth of the foundation that we need. Once this process is over, we can proceed with what we call site works.

    Site works comprise many things, including the preparation of the site. Here, we will clear the land. We will remove vegetation like bushes and trees. Part of the process also includes the removal of stumps and large rock boulders.

    Site Survey

    Another service that you can expect from an earthworks contractor like us is a site survey. In this process, we determine the borders of your land property. This ensures that we will not touch someone else’s land.

    After the survey is complete, we can start with the actual process of earthworks. But before that, we need to draw a plan. The plan has to go through the Australian government for approval. Once we have this in document form, we can begin the rest of the activities.

    What to Expect from Australian Construction

    We cover a lot of facets of the construction industry. From an earthworks perspective, there are many services that we can provide.

    Here are some examples:

    • Forming of canals
    • Digging trenches for irrigation
    • Modification of natural slopes
    • Digging trenches for sewage systems
    • Land reclamation
    • Preparing the land for reservoirs and dams

    As you can see, earthworks are the basic foundation of a good structure. There are many things that go with it, all of which will make your structure stronger.

    We at Australian Construction have been doing this for over 20 years. If you hire us, we have a long list of other construction services that will certainly complement earthworks.

    The government duly recognises us. We have a license to operate, and we have presence in major cities in Australia.

    Some examples are:

    • Melbourne
    • Darwin
    • Townsville
    • Sydney
    • Perth

    As construction experts, we are adept at everything related to the construction business. As such, we will do our job in relation to the next steps following our task. For example, we will ensure that once we are done with earthworks, the land is ready for another group to work on your building’s foundations.

    Summary: Earthworks Contractor in Toowoomba

    Give us a call at Australian Construction if you need further guidance. One of our experts will discuss your project and make a recommendation according to what you need.

    You can also use the “request quote” box on our website. Give us as many details as possible, and we will respond to your query with an estimated cost.

    Certainly, we need to go and visit your site. We need to study the soil, measure the land area, and then work on a plan. Once we do this, our engineers will get to work, and then present you with a plan on how to go about your project.