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Choosing The Best Earthworks Contractor In Townsville

    A Townsville earthworks contractor should provide a variety of earthworks services using soil. While separate from our services offered in civil engineering, the transferable range of teams, skill-sets and machinery we have on hand to execute earthworks gives us the added advantage to cover a wider range of options when tasked with executing your project.

    We at Australian Construction are the premier choice for Townsville earthwork contractor. We also service other areas in Australia including Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney & Darwin.

    Why should you choose us? 

    Today, we will provide you with five reasons why you should seriously consider Australian Construction for any earthworks contractor jobs in Townsville.

    Milestone and Completion

    Choosing the wrong provider can prove painstakingly time wasteful and expensive. The last thing that you want to happen is to be left high and dry with the job not done. This can happen if you are dealing with new contractor services. These people will give you a price quote that is not tantamount to the service you are expecting.

    And the result?

    They will ask you for more money, and you will certainly not agree with it. It always ends up in disputes and litigation.

    This does not happen with us. At Australian Construction, we guarantee success. We complete all our projects on the agreed timeline—with the exception of unforeseen natural disasters.

    Delays can cost you money. As time goes by, you are wasting days that you could have started your construction already.

    So, how do you ensure this? You need to visit the contract. You can also ask around and check our track record. If you have a large-scale project, chances are you know people that we have worked with already.

    Also, we do not compromise on the quality of work. The reason we can complete our job on time is that we have dependable employees, and we have all the equipment we need to get the job done.

    Reputation and Recommendations

    Reputation is an important aspect of contracting. Those who are quick to take your money do not care about reputation. What you have to do is to ensure that you are dealing with a company whose name equals trustworthiness.

    A good contractor like Australian Construction is spotless. We look at our reputation as our most important asset. You have to look for a contractor who has the following characteristics:

    • Reliable
    • Honest
    • Dependable

    If you do not know anyone who has not worked with a contractor, you can always consult with review sites if you want. Google and Trustpilot are just some examples.

    At Australian Construction, we take care of our reputation like as if it is a piece of expensive glass-work. We do not want to have any customer saying that they are not happy.

    As such, we ensure that the contract is clear and that the expectations are also clear. This all boils down to proper planning, proper communication, and setting of expectations. From there, we can document everything and then revisit the documentation once a milestone has been achieved.

    Equipment and Service Capacity

    We at Australian Construction have many heavy types of equipment. We know that without these, we cannot get the job done. Some contractors use the same equipment for different purposes. In our business, we only use the right equipment for the right kind of task.

    Here are some of our heavy machinery:

    • Excavator – used to dig the soil; it is the most common equipment for earthworks
    • Backhoe – looks like an excavator but it is used for clearing debris and removing tree stumps
    • Trencher – big equipment used to dig a line in the soil. It is used for sewage, pipelines, and many other things

    We also have bulldozers, tractors, drills, and so much more. We can take on any large-scale projects you have.

    Quality of Work

    How do you define the quality of work?

    Quality is simply about the standard. The government has provisions and codes about earthwork. Apart from the job being dangerous, it is equally important that it is done right to ensure that the soil is strong enough to hold the structure.

    At Australian Construction, we do not just dig. We also do land grading, levelling, landscaping, and many others. With all these different jobs combined, the final product you get is soil that is ready for construction.

    We guarantee that there is no need for a repetition of what we did. We will turn over the job to you according to what you specified, ensuring that it is compliant with the law.

    Experience and License

    The last and most important reason why you have to choose Australian Construction is experience and license.

    We have been in operation for many years. We have taken on many large-scale projects, and we do not make assumptions. We have a team of engineers who can speak and understand with your teams’ engineers. This allows for smooth communication and execution of the project.

    And of course, a license is imperative. Without a license, you are dealing with people who have nothing to lose. We at Australian Construction gave a license to operate. It is an indication that we have met the requirements of the government.

    Having this in mind, you can rest assured that we are qualified and that we understand the provisions of building codes. Therefore, you have a guarantee that apart from our reputation being at stake, we may also lose our license if we do a bad job—something that we will never allow to happen.

    Choose a contractor that has a license—one that has long years of experience. This is a guarantee that the job performed on your site is not experimental—that it is professional.

    Summary: Australian Construction for Townsville Earthworks Contractor

    We at Australian Construction have been in business for a long while. We specialise in large-scale projects, and we have a positive reputation from our clients.

    As engineers, we know and understand the importance of groundwork. If the ground is soft or if it is not prepared, the structure is not going to last. We provide the best service because we do not want mishaps to happen.  

    Give us a call on 1800 155 881 so we can discuss your project. Our engineers will speak with you, visit your site, and plan the project with you.