Commerical & Residential Earthworks Contractor In Wollongong

Wollongong Earthworks Contractor

Wollongong Earthworks Contractor

    Also known as the “seas of the south,” Wollongong is considered to be the happiest city in the region. As such, people flock here to see what makes it such a beautiful city. It is no wonder that you may need an earthworks contractor in Wollongong one of these days—you may have a construction project.

    Today, let us take a look at the machines we use when we do earthworks. From here, you will understand what goes on in such kinds of project, and you will be able to hire a better contractor—someone who has all these machines.

    1. Excavators

    An excavator is a big machine that has an appendage. It looks like a giant scoop or spoon. We use the excavator to dig the soil. Also, it is great for gathering debris or soil before we transport them.

    An excavator is a powerful machine that we also use for demolition services. In any small-scale or large-scale project, an earthworks contractor is going to need an excavator.

    Our excavators are top-of-the-line. They are sturdy and dependable. With excavators like ours, we can dig the soil efficiently and meet our deadlines.

    2. Backhoes

    Backhoes are like excavators, but the scoop is inverted. The main purpose of a backhoe is to dig a trench. They are great at scooping soil and debris. Unlike the excavator, the basket of a backhoe faces the operator inside the machine.

    If the excavator is having difficulties in doing its job, the backhoe serves as a great alternative. Usually, we use both in any construction project for earthworks. The backhoe is also a loader. We use it to gather soil, concrete, and then transfer them to dump trucks.

    3. Bulldozers

    Third, on our list of the most important machines is the bulldozer. Typically, we use a bulldozer if we only have to remove the top layer of the soil. There are many bulldozer sizes, and we have several of them.

    A bulldozer is also great at pushing things around. For example, we use it to push the soil to a specific spot. From there, the backhoe will gather the soil and move it to the dump truck.

    A bulldozer has a wide mouth, and this is what makes it great at shoving a large amount of soil to a particular spot.  

    4. Trenchers

    The last machine that we want to mention here is the trencher. It is a machine that has a rotating disc, and we use it to dig trenches.

    If you have seen waterworks, then you have seen a trench. It is a type of excavation where you lay down pipes, sewage and drainage pipes, or even lines for internet, cable, or power.

    We also use a trencher if the project calls for an irrigation system. A trencher is far better and more efficient than having humans dig.

    In our company, we use two types of trenchers. We use the chain trenchers for basic digging because they have long arms. On the other hand, we also have what is called the wheel trencher. We use it to dig on hard soil.

    Summary: Earthworks Contractor in Wollongong

    We at Australian Construction have all the tools we mentioned here, plus more. As tenured experts, we have been in this business for a long while—more than 20 years. We have accumulated all the machines we need, and we are on the constant lookout for new technologies.

    Give us a call now so we can discuss your project. One of our experts will speak with you and provide you with the details that you need. We can also schedule an ocular inspection of your site before we proceed with giving you a price quote.