Local Electrical Contractor In Adelaide By Australian Construction Services


The Best Electrical Contractor In Adelaide

    At Australian Construction, we appreciate that you want expertise for your electrical services in Adelaide. We have vast experience working in South Australia, and we know this city well. You do not have to wait for days or weeks for us to fix your electrical faults.

    Because of this, our objective is to offer same-day service. You can count on our electrical contractor in Adelaide to serve you on time.

    Call us any time you have an emergency; our customer service staff will book you with a licensed electrician fast. Our electrical professionals are dedicated to giving you a long-term solution with optimal industry standards.

    General & Emergency Electrician Services

    If you have a problem with the switchboard, wiring or lights, Australian Construction specialises in emergency electrician services and general maintenance.

    We handle emergency electrical work issues like:

    • Sensor lights
    • LED lighting
    • Ceiling fan installation
    • Exhaust fans
    • Electrical air conditioning
    • Advanced electrical home rewiring
    • Installing and upgrading switchboard and many more

    You can rely on the electrical contractors we have in Adelaide to offer you updated advice, quality and knowledge on all the work we handle. Whether the job is small or big, Australian Contractors has you covered. Allow us to work on all your electrical requirements, general maintenance or emergency.

    Areas that Electrical Contractor in Adelaide services

    Australian Construction provides its services to all the suburbs in Adelaide and its surrounding. For instance, areas like Gawler, Salisbury in the north and Hallet Cove and Noarlunga in the south. We stock our vehicles with the newest and most efficient equipment for each job. 

    We arrive at your premises with all the tools to install new down-lights or fix your switchboard. If you want us to specialise in something, our competent team investigates on-site, presents a quote and quickly secures the area. You do not need to wait for days. We work fast and give you a long-term fix guarantee.

    Electrical Contractor in Adelaide offers quality service guarantee.

    It would be best for you to have a fully registered and qualified Electrical Contractor in Adelaide like Australian Construction. Our team arrives looking tidy and neat and we always clean up after our work. We have a reliable and friendly team. 

    To remain updated with our Quality Service Guarantee, they also go through continuous training. It gives them the latest awareness of electrical codes and standards & practices. It enables them to know the exact safety switches required. When installing an electric hot water system, they understand how to fix issues that can lead to the development of bacteria.

    The best part is that we always guarantee the work we do. It is covered under the firm’s warranty and insurance policies.

    Commercial Electrical Services

    If your commercial establishment requires more power points or a total electrical refit, PLC programming or industrial machinery repair, a commercial electrician from Australian Construction is on hand to assist. We appreciate how critical tight deadlines are and reduce your downtime in business operations by offering you a dependable 24/7 service.

    New office and shop fit-outs

    We have vast experience in commercial electrical fit-outs, whatever the size, big warehouses and small office spaces. Our team has a remarkable understanding of design, installation and data communications for technology in security, project management and building maintenance.

    It makes us the specialists you can depend on for everything connected to office and shop fit-outs in Adelaide. Electrical Contractor in Adelaide completes every project on budget and on time. We proudly exceed your expectations and assist you in adding value to your electrical installations.

    24-hour emergency service

    Unexpected breakdowns and electrical issues occur. If this happens, your business requires a trustworthy, rapid response to limit downtime. Australian Construction offers a 24-hour emergency electrical service across Adelaide to restore the operations of your business quickly. 

    Our team of skilled technicians and electricians work throughout Adelaide. Our 24/7 emergency on-call services are dedicated to safety. If you require an electrical contractor in Adelaide, we have emergency technicians available for a variety of services.

    PLC Programming

    An efficient PLC facilitates quality automation procedure. A PLC (programmable logic controller) describes a computer program used for automating various industrial operations.

    They monitor industrial systems and perform logical, machine-learning decisions, maximising output safety and efficiency. You can use PLCs in various industrial applications like mining and manufacturing.

    The PLC programming quality determines how well a system operates. Our team of certified electrical contractors at Australian Construction offer expert PLC programming and industrial machinery repair in Adelaide, suitable for various systems and industrial applications. Our electrical contractor in Adelaide provides functional and user-friendly programs designed specifically to match your applications.

    Mobile & Industrial Automation and PLC Programming

    Australian Construction assists in streamlining machine automation. It improves the quality of output, speed, safety, accuracy and repeatability. We also assist in the diagnosis and repair of interruptions to automation systems. We have experience working with various PLC brands and systems and many industrial applications.

    Our team is qualified enough to easily handle various systems like Modicon/Schneider, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Hitachi, Omron, etc. Australian Construction programs and calibrates new systems suitable for your processes, refurbishes and updates older systems to enhance performance, and redesigns machine controls for obsolete and aging systems.

    Our team offers support throughout the whole PLC and automation procedure, from start, design, programming to testing and commissioning.

    PLC Languages

    We use various languages to programme PLCs. Common programming languages are SFC (sequential function charts), FBD (function block diagrams), instruction list and structured test.   Each language suits a specific application or system. 

    For instance, ladder programming needs programming software such as RSLogix 500. Its design consists of horizontal rungs and a couple of vertical rails that represent the relay-logic schematics’ electrical connection. It cannot express all instructions, so it is challenging to program for applications such as batching or motion.

    Australian Construction PLC technicians have vast experience working through all main PLC programming languages.


    Our team at Australian Construction provides a wide variety of commercial, industrial and residential electrical services to establishments across Adelaide.

    The electrical contractor services we offer in Adelaide services include PLC programming, industrial automation, electrical training, electrical services, mobile automation, machine learning, energy-saving consulting. 

    Whatever electrical requirements you have, we are happy to assist so call us today!