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    At Australian Construction, we have an expert team of electrical contractors. Their skills and experience enable them to handle all your electrical services to high standards. Our electrical contractor in Ballarat pays careful attention to each detail and uses the best quality materials. 

    We offer a 24-hour emergency call-out service, and our competent team is always ready to respond at a moment’s notice. For all your electrical needs in Ballarat, call us any time

    Residential electrical services

    We have highly experienced and qualified electricians who provide various residential electrical services.  Our Ballarat electrical contractor delivers solutions and systems that work with your home and architecture requirements.

    Residential services

    • Air conditioning
    • Energy auditing
    • LED lighting
    • 24-hour emergency service
    • New residence electrical & automation
    • Rewiring and renovation
    • Solar (PV) and battery storage sales and installation
    • Building services

    Our role is to give you the most updated and exceptional solutions for your home. It is the reason we work closely with our main suppliers to ensure we always give you the newest technologies at an affordable cost.

    Commercial electrical services

    The electrical contractor we have in Ballarat uses management systems. The reason for this is to ensure that handling your commercial project is free from hassles. We supervise technicians and present electrical efficiency audits. After this, we carry out installation and ensure that we handle the administration professionally and fast.

    Australian Construction commercial electrical services

    • Building services
    • Energy auditing
    • LED lighting
    • Air conditioning
    • New building automation and electrical
    • Solar (PV) and battery storage installation and sales
    • Rewiring and renovation

    You can depend on us for new installations or designing a solution.

    Industrial electrical services

    Specialised industry companies have different and diverse needs. We deal in businesses that specialise in horticulture, agriculture, assembly, manufacturing or mining.  For fast response, friendly advice and superior quality, call us.

    We provide the following industrial electrical services

    • Drafting
    • High voltage installations
    • PLC programming
    • Industrial communications
    • Energy efficiency
    • Machine safety
    • Remote assistance 
    • On-site services
    • Ongoing maintenance support
    • Switchboards and motor control centres

    Whether you want us to design a solution or need new installations or programmed facilities maintenance, you can rely on our electrical contractor for superior quality service. For all your industrial electrical requirements, call us today.

    Air conditioning

    The electrical contractor in Ballarat specialises in designing, supply, and maintaining commercial and domestic air conditioners for customers in Ballarat. We have years of experience and have installed hundreds of air conditioners. Therefore, it makes us your ideal option for your air-conditioning requirements.

    Our firm’s competent team advises you on the suitable kind of air-conditioning unit that meets your needs. Also, our qualified and trained refrigeration electricians and mechanics carry out professional installation.

    You have peace of mind knowing that our skilled technicians have installed your air-conditioning safely. We work closely with the best suppliers and top manufacturers. Because of this, our customers are assured of getting a reliable and proven end product.

    Energy auditing

    The Ballarat electrical contractor provides energy audits to residential and commercial clients. Their design is meant to recognise energy wastage areas, therefore providing effective improvement strategies.

    Our skilled team of controls engineers and electricians provide energy-efficient systems for your office building or home. We can help in energy auditing of offices, factories, housing and all facilities that use electricity.


    The Australian Construction highly trained staff visits your premises and carries out a comprehensive audit. They then present various initiatives and options to help you save money and the surrounding.  We are happy to give you affordable solutions and more effective ways of saving energy or generating electricity with renewable energy

    It will be our pleasures to serve you so do not hesitate to call us!