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Electrical Contractor In Brisbane All Your Electrical Solutions.

    We believe that our Australian Construction team is our biggest asset and a crucial part of our company. We are licensed tradespeople who have worked in commercial & residential electrical trade for years and are passionate about it!

    Each of them goes through a continuous professional development like customer service, technical skills upgrades and product training. When you choose an electrical contractor in Brisbane, an experienced team will take care of you and offer you top-quality service.

    Electrical Services

    Australian Construction will give you the skills you need to ensure that our competent team completes your electrical project within critical budget and time. We provide reliable national pricing, superior quality standards and prompt, highly skilled technicians.

    Our comprehensive electrical services include:

    • New Home Renovations
    • General Electrical Services
    • Scheduled Maintenance
    • Commercial Electrical
    • Test and Tag of electrical equipment
    • House wiring and rewiring
    • Security Lighting
    • Smoke Detectors
    • Hot Water Repairs and Connections
    • Switchboard Upgrade/Fuse Box Repairs 
    • Porcelain Fuses For Ancient Style Homes.
    • Installation of Lights & Power Points
    • Electrical Installations
    • Safety Switches and Testing

    Quick Efficient Service

    Australian Construction is among the biggest electrical firms in Brisbane. We have a significant number of certified electricians on hand any time. It enables us to respond fast to breakdowns and faults to reduce your businesses’ downtime. Our electrical contractors are available to you 24/7 throughout the year.

    Why Should You Hire A Electrical Contractor in Brisbane?

    If you need electrical work carried out in your business or home, you need someone who has a suitable license and insurance to handle the job you need. An electrical contractor in Brisbane and an electrician can perform electrical work.

    However, only the electrical contractor can hire out their services as an electrician. There are two varying levels of electrical contractor licenses. Using these two, Australian Construction can carry out electrical work. But, the kind of electrical work depends on the status of the electrical contractor’s license.

    Gold:  Using this license enables Electrical Contractor in Brisbane to carry out all kinds of electrical jobs like wiring electrical equipment and installations. 

    Silver: These licenses are limited to only maintenance, testing and repairing special electrical equipment up to specific voltage shown on the permit.

    Who qualifies for an electrical contractors license?

    A fully qualified electrician like Australian Construction will go through more vigorous study and testing to qualify. All elements are covered such as reporting and insurance cover, just to obtain an electrical contractors license.

    Fully licensed & Insured.

    Electrical contractors and electricians have specific licenses, but only electrical contractors like Australian Construction have the licenses needed to run a business properly and safely. Our insurances protect our employees, the business owner and the home-owner from any insurance liabilities.

    An electrician and electrical contractor are different. But, these two experts are connected. The differences determine who can deliver your electrical work. An electrician does not have permission to perform the electrical work; neither can they charge individuals for their work.

    However, if an electrician is employed at Electrical Contractor in Brisbane, they can perform electrical work if they have an electrical contractors license. An electrical contractor is a business like Australian Construction or an individual that hires several workers, including electricians. Electrical contracting companies like Australian Construction specialise in both big and small projects.

    Licensed Domestic Contractors

    We are here to assist if you require electrical work at your residence. Our skilled team at Australian Constructors have experience in electrical installations and repairs. When hiring an electrician for your home you need meticulous work done, and we can provide this for you. Australian Construction will cater to all your electrical maintenance requirements and meet all your service expectations.

    We have established the highest standards for customer service, providing prompt and efficient services. Our master electricians at Australian Construction endeavour to satisfy your every need.

    We pay meticulous attention to detail and respect your home at all times. After we finish each job, we ensure that we clean up. Because we are licensed and insured, we uphold our superior quality and professional work standard. The tradesmen have high training and will complete any job, big or small, emphasising quality, professionalism, safety and artistry.

    We perform our work according to safety, health and safety guidelines and building codes. We are proud to offer integrity; reliability, and communication skills that forge steady relationships with our clients, ensuring that we meet all their requirements.

    Commercial Electrician for Industrial & Commercial properties

    We offer highly qualified commercial electricians for ships, warehouses, offices and more. Our electrical contractor in Brisbane provides skilled electrical contractors who deliver according to your specific needs.  Our objective is to offer professional services and suggestions to all commercial customers. We do not leave anything to chance and follow strict health and safety regulations.

    We service many industries like retail, hospitality, industrial, schools, government buildings, transport and warehousing. If you are a business owner or property manager, get in touch with Australian Construction to learn about our electrical building maintenance strategies. If you are a constructor and want a trustworthy electrician to manage all cabling and wiring plans, our electrical contractors in Brisbane is your solution.

    We provide fault diagnosis, 3-phase power and power factor correction. Australian Construction data services include smart wiring, data communications and fibre optic. We also offer commercial switchboard upgrades, electrical maintenance and regular servicing for electrical systems and components.

    Our advantages

    • We provide cost-effective electrical services.
    • Our team of experts is punctual and reliable.
    • We are commercial specialists.
    • Australian Construction is licensed and qualified.
    • We offer energy management advice and recommendations.


    You have many reasons to pick Australian Construction for all your electrical work. Our many years’ experience has enabled us to grow and succeed. We have a loyal customer base in Brisbane, which means we comprehend how essential excellent customer service is. 

    Since our electricians have regular training, they remain updated on the latest practices. Whether you require a complete switchboard upgrade or a new power point, we are here to assist!

    It will be our pleasure to schedule an appointment with you to discuss your particular requirement!