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    If you want a Bunbury electrician that is honest, dependable and trustworthy, then Australian Construction is what you need. We are proud to provide superior quality electrical equipment and parts. Your safety is our priority; thus, our electrical contractor in Bunbury puts your needs first.

    Residential electrical services


    Our qualified electricians invest time to determine the ideal solution for you, therefore providing an expert service. Therefore, if you are in the Bunbury area and need an electrician, we are available. Recently, in the light of the construction of bigger homes, energy use for Australian households has risen rapidly.  

    The reason is the resulting installation of additional light fittings. When home-owners make intelligent lighting choices in the latest LED technology, they can significantly decrease the energy they utilise.

    LED (Light Emitting Diode) present the market’s latest, most energy efficient lighting source. Due to the incredible energy efficiency, the LED technology is transforming illumination. It lights up your kitchen bench and your backyard’s spotlights. LED’s are increasingly being incorporated into today’s homes. 

    Comparatively, LED lights are more efficient than halogen globes and CFL’s (compact fluorescent lamp). As a matter of fact, the reason for this is simple; LED’s do not produce heat during the illumination procedure.

    Interesting facts

    Safe usage: LED lights are environmentally friendly because they do not contain mercury or other toxins, unlike fluorescent bulbs. Therefore, it makes them harmless to work with and get rid of.

    Safe lighting: LED’s do not produce (UV) light (ultraviolet) light. Of course, it means they are kinder on your clothes and skin and will not attract bugs or mosquitoes! Moreover, they are easy on the artwork, parchment and sensitive materials.

    Cool: Since LED lights do not produce significant heat, they are cool to touch and best for heat sensitive lighting structures.

    Durable: LED’s withstand shocks and vibrations and are among the most robust light sources accessible on the market.

    Commercial electrical services

    The electrical contractor in Bunbury provides replacement, repair, installation and maintenance of various commercial electrical services like:

    • Test and tag
    • Fault finding
    • Emergency lighting
    • Lighting
    • Power points
    • Main switchboards
    • Surge protection and RCD’s
    • Distribution switchboards

    In case of down time, commercial electrical services can be expensive. Our electrical contractor in Bunbury can customise all electrical needs necessary to complete the work. For instance, working beyond business hours or after work to ensure your business still runs after completing the work.

    Industrial electrical services

    At Australian Construction, we have a commitment that involves offering the most superior workmanship and quality customer service in all elements of your industrial electrical needs. Our competent team professionally makes the initial installation, refurbishes and manages ongoing maintenance. We also replace or repair various industrial electrical services like:

    • RCD’s 
    • Distribution switchboards
    • Lighting
    • Pumps/motors
    • Repairs & fault finding
    • Main switchboards
    • Three-phase equipment
    • Power points (three-phase and single)
    • Emergency lighting

    Similarly, our electrical experts are talented in:

    • Preventative maintenance
    • Refurbishments and upgrades
    • Working at heights
    • Reading and understanding drawings, blueprints as well as electrical code specifications.
    • Repairing, replacing, inspecting, or installing electrical wiring receptacles. Also, case assemblies, switch boxes, feeders, conduits as well as different electrical components.
    • Testing electronic and electronic equipment and components.


    The electrical contractor in Bunbury provides a wide variety of electrical services for our clients in this area. We provide electrical services and installations, and upgrades. Moreover, we also offer repairs services and have vast experience.

    For long-lasting commercial and residential electrical services, contact our team. Our electricians discuss with you to create a plan and tailored quote to meet your requirements. We stick to your quote and budget, and our team finishes the job on time and does not leave any mess behind!

    For the best electrical services in Bunbury, call us today!