Bundaberg Electrical Contractor Servicing Locals For Over 15 Years


    Do you want a reliable electrician in Bundaberg? For many years, Australian Construction has served this region with all their requirements regarding electricity. Because of this, we are your local electrical authority. You may need commercial or residential electrical services. In that case, our electrical contractor in Bundaberg has the experience and knowledge to do an efficient job.

    Bundaberg has numerous electrical firms options. In the light of this, it is hard for you to know the one you can entrust with all your electrical requirements.  At Australian Construction, we give you complete electrical services you can trust. Besides, we are so confident of our service and quality that we guarantee it!

    If you want simple electronic repairs and services, new installations or complete renovations, our team handles all of it. We have the best electricians who are qualified and licensed. Therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing you receive quality and expert work.

    Our full-time electrician in Bundaberg

    Our electrical contractor in Bundaberg is available every day of the week at all hours. In addition, they work on holidays to meet each of your electrical requirements. Electrical emergencies occur at very inconvenient times. 

    The good news is that the electrical contractor we have in Bundaberg is available for you regardless of the time of day. You can be at peace knowing that our high-quality electrician is only a phone call away.

    Competitive prices

    At Australian Construction, we believe that each person in Bundaberg needs access to superior electrical services despite their budget.  The electrical contractor we have at Bundaberg prices the electrical services competitively, ensuring that our quality services are accessible to all. We also offer free quotes for our services. 

    In addition, we provide free, no-obligation quotes for our services!  Give us a call or send us an inquiry online. One of our certified electricians will get in touch.

    Electrical safety

    Our top priority at Australian Construction is safety. To ensure that your businesses and homes meet the Australian Construction safety standards, the electrical contractor in Bundaberg provides these services:

    • Installing safety switches.
    • Smoke alarm testing
    • Test and tag (testing appliance)
    • Installing hard-wired smoke alarms
    • Emergency & exit light testing and installation
    • Surge diverted installation

    Safety switches

    Our safety switches protect you against electric shock. As a matter of fact, they are created to avoid death or injury. Safety switches check how the electricity flows via a circuit. 

    They seal the electricity supply off automatically when the current is noted to be escaping from defective wiring, switches or electrical devices. Moreover, it stops the possibility of current flowing to earth via an individual and electrocuting them.

    For years, safety switches have been necessary for power circuits in every new Bundaberg home for years. It means that most homes in this region already have an installed safety switch that protects many power circuits. 

    But, some homes might be lacking these safety switches if they were constructed before this time.  The switchboard is the ideal area to look for permanently fixed safety switches. You can identify safety switches easily. They feature a ‘T” or ‘test’ button.

    Smoke alarms

    The smoke alarms are a lifesaver. If you do not have them at home, it increases your risk of dying from a fire outbreak in the house by three times.  Seek the services of our electrical contractor in Bundaberg for the fixing of your smoke alarm.


    At Australian Construction, we provide various residential, industrial and commercial services. We appreciate how important it is to maintain your electrical systems in safe working conditions. In addition, you need to focus on attaining your results with a minor interruption to your workplace or business.

    Do not hesitate to contact us for each of your electrical needs n Bundaberg.