Hire The Most Competent & Certified Electrical Contractor In Cairns


    Australian Construction offers a wide variety of electrical services to commercial and residential clients. It is our pleasure to help small to medium-sized enterprises to not only improve cost-effectiveness, but also decrease expensive downtime that outages and electrical faults trigger.  For this reason, our electrical contractor in Cairns works with commercial property owners and managers.

    We assess the most suitable electrical systems, services and plans. The aim of this is to improve expenses and optimise results for tenants and also owners. Our electrical contractor in Cairns has a team of professional support staff and tradespeople. As a result, we help clients and businesses of all sizes repair, maintain and install all electrical services, regardless of their complexity.

    Residential electrical services

    Air conditioning

    Australian Construction handles all your split system air conditioning needs. For instance, we work on replacements and installations, repairs and servicing, and cleaning and maintenance.

    Safety and compliance

    Your family’s safety is crucial. With this in mind, our electrical contractor in Cairns specialises in switchboard and some alarm compliance. Having your fire safety services and switchboard checked often is essential. Please contact our team to schedule a safety assessment.

    Indoors & outdoors lighting

    Use our latest LED energy-efficient lighting. Despite where you need the electrical services, be it outdoors, indoors or in your garden, our competent team designs and installs all your lighting requirements.

    Phone & Data

    Do you want an additional phone or data point in your residence? Whether you need it for personal utilisation or enhancing your home business, we keep you connected.

    Electrical appliance repairs

    These services apply to most bathroom, laundry and kitchen appliances. Besides, we use them for electric ovens, dryers, stoves, hot water systems and range hoods. The electrical contractor in Cairns installs or services your entire household appliance.

    TV Aerial & Antennas

    You might want to improve your TV reception. In this case, our skilled team repairs and installs superior quality TV antennas. Besides, we can add more TV points, together with tidying up any noticeable TV cords.

    Business electrical services

    Exit & emergency lighting

    Our electrical contractor in Cairns offers a complete exit and emergency lighting maintenance program. You should maintain safety and compliance with QLD’s industry standards in your workplace. To this end, we install emergency lights, replace and carry out maintenance every six months.

    Test & tag

    We are available to help in making your business compliant. The rule is that you should have whatever you plug in tested and tagged. Australian Construction tests 3 phase appliances, single-phase 240 v appliances, and different equipment that you plug into an electrical supply.

    Kitchen equipment

    The electrical contractor in Cairns provides complete services on commercial kitchen equipment. Chiefly, it keeps your restaurant running smoothly. To achieve this, we offer a 24/7 on-call emergency service and equipment replacement. Moreover, we handle kitchen installations like equipment replacement and preventative maintenance.  Also, we commission new appliances.

    Office lighting

    Innovated office lighting improves workplace productivity as well as your employees’ well-being. Australia has enforced workplace lighting standards. In light of this, talk to our electrician to know how to implement this in your workplace.

    Data & Communications

    The Australian Construction data cabling service involves the design, installation, as well as testing. We also commission a data & communication cabling system that includes a complete variety of data cable installation services that suit your requirements. 


    The business you are running may rely on functional electrical machinery. In such a case, an electrical breakdown may cause a crisis. 

    If you run a business that depends on functional electrical machinery, an electrical breakdown can be your worst nightmare and needs fixing immediately to save time and costs. 

    For this, you can depend on Australian Construction to find out the source of the problem. Then, our team repairs your machinery to restore your operations fast.

    Talk to us today, and we will give you timely electrical services to suit your needs.