Central Coast Electrical Contractors For Residential & Commercial Needs


    Our team at Australian Construction believes that safety is a top priority for all customers and contractors when carrying out electrical work. So, the electrical contractor on the Central Coast follows all the health and safety standards. We implement these standards before, during and after the installation of the electrical system.

    The team’s regular training ensures that we are competent enough when using these skills to work in your business or home.

    New electrical projects

    Many times we get contracts to carry out wiring and installation of electrical systems on new projects. Our electrical contractor work with building owners and DIY renovators, ensuring they have the correct setup for their residence. Our experienced team also helps with architectural and custom home-builders, which gives you a one-stop electrical service.

    We offer friendly and expert suggestions for new electrical projects, whether industrial, commercial or residential. The Australian Construction team advises you on the emergency lighting and safety switches requirements.

    Electrical construction

    The electrical contractor we have on the Central Coast are fully educated and licensed to handle various electrical construction tasks. We can lay underground services, improve existing electrical systems, low or high voltage power reticulation and overall power and light systems for all purposes.

    After designing a suitable electrical system for your business or home, we complete the installation fast and professionally. After installation, we test to ensure the efficient working of all systems.

    Renovations & installations

    Australian Construction carries out electrical systems installation for renovated or new businesses and homes. Our skilled team installs new systems for industrial, commercial and residential properties. We install and upgrade safety switches, telephone extensions and switchboards. 

    Our electrical contractor also installs ceiling fans, standard and security lighting, smoke detectors and more outlets. No task is too small, and we are glad to handle all minor electrical work and the major jobs. Additionally, we repair and maintain existing electrical systems, for instance, fixing faulty outlets or switches and moving meter boxes.

    Communications & information

    The Australian Construction team provides information and communications cabling systems to residences, commercial and industrial properties. We do the cabling work, including moving or laying cables to new office spaces, adding data lines, moving server lines, or installing data points.

    Whether you require us to upgrade an existing system or fix a new one we are here to help. Apart from installing the cables, we endeavour to ensure we secure them properly and make sure they are tidy to eliminate any safety risks to your employees.

    Appliance installation and repair

    For repairs or installation of an electric hot water system, talk to us today. If your system does not work efficiently, it can lead to a loss of money. The Central Coast electrical contractor services and maintains your system, therefore ensuring it works for many years.

    We also install and repair different electrical appliances like ceiling fans, ovens, safety switches, heated towel racks, etc. If you are worried that your device is dangerous, call us, and we will quickly visit your premises and test it. Our team is qualified to handle electrical equipment testing and certification.

    Grid-connected solar systems

    If you want to decrease your power bill and have extra roof space, a grid-connected solar system is best. It supplies your home with energy, and excess energy goes back to the grid. It can then be utilised as a credit on your power costs.

    We install the necessary inverters to change the solar energy to 240V electricity. Our team mounts these inverters either outside or inside your home. Also, we wire the system and link the panels and inverter, then test it for compliance. After this, the system begins saving you cash!


    Do you seek electrical services for your business or home on the Central Coast? Or do you want a Central Coast electrical contractor to do the job correctly? 

    If so, do not hesitate to call the Australian Construction team today for a remarkable job!